5 Stylish Bedrooms You Need to See to Believe

The bedroom is one of the most important features of any house – after all, we spend a lot of our time sleeping in our beds. It’s a place which should be harmonious and reflect our personalities the most. In our bedrooms we need to feel peaceful and relaxed, ready for rest; the room [...]

6 Ways to Make Your Nursery Fit for a Royal

Now that Kate Middleton has given birth to her second child, royal baby fever does not seem likely to be stopping anytime soon. Royal enthusiasts and baby-lovers alike have found themselves swept up in the craze and now everyone wants their child to experience the royal lifestyle. Your child may not have any claims to [...]

Reasons NOT to Attempt DIY Furniture

Stylish and contemporary furniture doesn’t come cheap – even at large companies known for selling affordable items, the trendier, more unique pieces come with a high price tag. But here at Empatika we have a passion for contemporary furniture, and even though it can be a big investment we think it’s a fair price [...]

5 Ways to Maximise the Efficiency of Your Home Office

Working from home comes with a huge array of benefits including no commuter fares or office related drama, but many self-employed people fail to maximise their full potential. To increase your productivity, here are several ways to maximise the efficiency of your working environment. Don’t Blur the Line between Home and Work You may [...]

Our Top Tips on Arranging Bookshelves

Bookshelves make a fantastic addition to any room, serving both convenient and aesthetically pleasing purposes. Many people struggle with how to make the most of such a space but getting it right can make a startling difference. If you need some tips on how to breathe new life into an otherwise ordinary shelf, read [...]

8 Dreamy Home Libraries that Will Make you Swoon

The advent of the Kindle threatened to kill the original paper novel, but book worms are still opting to read their beloved books even in our lightning fast digital age! We’re here to showcase eight heavenly home libraries from around the world to inspire your very own collection of treasured volumes.  Libraries are not [...]

Eco-Friendly Hobbit House Reveals Charm Of Personalised Approach

An eco-friendly, personalised approach to homes is becoming a huge draw for many and one of the latest examples of the emergence of such appealing popularity is one man’s construction of his very own hobbit home. Made famous by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and enduring favourite The Hobbit, popularised by New Zealand director [...]

What does it mean to be Made in Britain?

As globalisation continues to spread its wings, the opportunities for international trade have skyrocketed. Yet while this is hugely beneficial, it is also incredibly important for the nation to support locally sourced produce that is grown, produced or manufactured on British soil. And the public agree, with a recent poll from DataHub confirming that [...]

Empatika’s Most Challenging Projects Yet!

Since its establishment in 2003, Empatika has grown in leaps and bounds, continually winning itself an ever increasing list of clients across the UK. Understandably, some of these projects have been particularly challenging, requiring the Empatika team to draw on their expertise and versatility in order to succeed. Below is an overview of three [...]