Biggest Mistakes when Buying Built in Furniture: Number 2

Welcome to the second blog in our biggest mistake series – we’re helping you find the perfect fitted furniture first time around. Over the many years working in the industry, we’ve noticed that lots of people make mistakes when it comes to commissioning built in furniture, so we’ve decided to share them with the [...]

Our Favourite Testimonials

One of the most rewarding aspects of running a small business is receiving positive feedback from clients and knowing that customers are 100% satisfied with the finished product. As passionate craftsmen, Tristan Titeux and his Empatika team are dedicated to going above and beyond customer expectations and ensuring that each and every project is completed [...]

Testimonial with Catherine for Empatika.

We have worked with Catherine on three seperate occasions making her bespoke fitted furniture. We have made bespoke fitted desks, bookcases, floating shelves, wardrobes and Tv units. Catherine is a delightful customer, luckily like most of our customers. I like to work with people I like, it is important. When we work with a customer it [...]

Bespoke Furniture Testimonial from Lisa Condron

Empatika made some alcove bookcases in her living room (see the picture below), a large storage cupboard in her hallway and a large wardrobe in the bedroom. Lisa is a delightful customer, for me it is really important that I like my customers just like they like us, I don't want to work with anyone [...]

Fitted Furniture Testimonial from Dominique!

Today I received a testimonial from Dominique Schenck. Dominique was a delight to work with, he was so enthusiastic about using Empatika for his contemporary living room unit and bedroom home office shelving that is really drove me to do my best. Dominique had some very specific ideas of what he had in mind and [...]

Organisation for Responsible Business (ORB)

To Tristan Titeux from Empatika, there are two important things that matter in business: 1. Doing the best possible for their customers. 2. Doing the best they can for th environment. We are proud to be part of the Organisation for Responsible Business because it demonstrates that we take our fitted furniture business to [...]

Roger Crombie – St Johns Wood

Testimonial for Empatika by Roger Crombie from St John's Wood in London UK. Tristan Titeux from Empatika designed and built a contemporary bespoke home office library and desk for Roger, it was painted matt white with waterbased paint. Roger wanted to have the flexibility of storing all different sizes and [...]

Elizabeth Souquet, West London

This is a testimonial for Empatika.co.uk  based in London UK for some fitted office bookcases we designed and built in Elizabeth's home. This is the third time we have returned to Elizabeth and Jerome's home in Shepperds Bush to make some fitted furniture for them. In her home office Elizabeth says that when they [...]