60 Minute Makeover

Empatika have also featured on the ITV show “60 Minute Makeover”. Our challenge here was to take an existing wardrobe and give it a facelift in a children’s room by making some new bespoke doors for them with a marine theme. This is one of 3 makeups that Empatika did for the programme. Check it out on the video!

Homes for the Brave

Empatika were featured on Ty Pennington’s TV series “Homes for the Brave” where we were asked to visit, design and build some living room storage units on each side of a fireplace with a floating shelf that Bridged the gap between the two units acting as a mantle piece and the same on the floor but much larger like a hearth, they owners did not know what they were in for and they were delighted with the result. See what we came up with on the video here!