Living Room

At Empatika, we know every space is different and therefore, every client’s needs are different too. However spacious or cosy your living room, we can provide the perfect bespoke furniture to suit your specifications and style. After all, it’s where we spend most of our time at home.

Living room
Built-in furniture


Just because they’re called bookshelves doesn’t mean they’re not made for absolutely everything else too. We have all sorts of different shelving units, fulfilling all sorts of different purposes, so chances are, we can make you exactly the design you’ve imagined for your home.

Living room
Built-in furniture

Media Units

As with all our bespoke furniture, our media units are made to measure, meaning you can create a personal look for your living room. Each shelf can be designed with something in mind – from photo frames and precious ornaments to plants and your favourite reads – and this means no clutter.

Living room
Built-in furniture


Because we all want somewhere for those messy bits and bobs, our cupboards provide a sleek and practical way to keep the home tidy. We offer bespoke designs for every space imaginable, including narrow and tall, as well as wide and short.


Bespoke Service

No two designs are the same at Empatika. We work with each individual client to create something unique to them and their space. That means, everything is made just for you and can be created in any size, colour and finishing you have always dreamed of. It literally fits like a glove.

Personal Touch

It’s all about you. We know life can be busy, that’s why we work around your schedule to deliver our high-quality service, even offering evening visits for those who can’t take time off from work. After all, you shouldn’t have to use your precious holiday days to finally have the shelving unit of your dreams.

Ethical Company

There’s more to us than bespoke furniture. We believe in a work-life balance and treating the clients’ home with complete respect. For us, it’s personal. Our sustainability practises are evident throughout the company and that goes from the sustainable wood we use to our commitment to always protect the rainforest from deforestation.


We believe in a sustainable way of living, inside and outside of the workplace. That’s why we have bought acres of the rainforest to protect it from deforestation and why we plant one tree for every customer. The Empatika office projects conscious practises too, such as paper waste control and encouraging all employees to work from home.

Give us a call

The team and Empatika is always here to help with your furniture queries and questions. Our phone lines are open 8-6pm. If you’re calling when we’re closed, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP. We hope to hear from you soon.

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Tell us about your project

We want to know exactly what you need for your specific space, that way we can offer the ideal built-in furniture for you. Send us your requirements and we will get back to you with your personalised quote.