How to create your own quintessential home library

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When life gets stressful, nothing is better than curling up with a good book and entering your own little world. And, what better way of doing so than in your own home library? Stocked with piles of your favourite novels, cosy chairs and desk space, this can be the perfect place [...]

Plants Perfect for Your Office

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You probably take steps throughout the day at work to help you relax and distress. But there’s a workplace accent that you can bring to your office to help you feel better—and help your office work healthier too: plants. Plants make an office more beautiful, of course, but they also help you remember more and [...]

Top Features of a Beautiful and Useful Bedroom

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While the kitchen and living areas may act as the hubs of the home, bedrooms should never go unnoticed. As far as the Empatika team are concerned, bedrooms should be tranquil sanctuaries where you can relax, unwind and of course, catch up on those all-important ‘z’s. They should be given just as much, if not [...]

The Extra Details That Make Your House a Home

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Do you live in a house or a home? A house is simply the building in which we live, a practical structure with four walls and a roof over your head. A home however is a special place, building or location where we feel like we belong. At Empatika, we love helping our customers add [...]

Odd Superstitions in the Home

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Most households will have unspoken rules that are adhered to by all who live there. Where one family may never dream of entering the home with their shoes on, another may insist that all meals are eaten at the dinner table, rather than in front of the television. Where these rules are practical and help [...]

Pro Tips for Organising Your Wardrobe

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Do you ever open your wardrobe and immediately close it in horror? Is it bursting at the seams and you just can’t face having a total clear out? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and fear not – Empatika’s pro tips for organising your wardrobe will definitely point you in the right direction. The first [...]

Reasons We Love White Furniture

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White furniture is a modern style staple, and Empatika has been embracing the trend for many years. That’s because white furniture isn’t so much of a ‘trend’ as such – it doesn’t go out of fashion suddenly one year. Because it’s clean and simple, the colour white isn’t a passing trend, it is timeless. The [...]

The Advantages of a Bespoke Audio Visual Unit

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There is a huge amount of home entertainment technology available to us, to cover every hobby and interest. Whether you are a movie, a music or a gaming fanatic, the chances are that you have an exciting amount of add ons and electrical accessories to help indulge in your recreational interests. Storing these audio visual [...]

7 Biggest Mistakes people make

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The 7 Biggest mistakes people make when buying fitted furniture and how to avoid them.   You are thinking of buying some bespoke fitted furniture, I have put together a booklet that you should find helpful because it talks about all the crucial points you will need to consider in order to get the very best [...]