Made to Measure Bookcases

We specialise in designing and building made to measure bookcases to fit your space perfectly.

All of our work is made to measure, so whatever size you would like us to build we can do it. There are no standard sizes, just sizes that are right for you.

Below are some example of bookcases we made to measure for our clients in London.

The first two pictures are of a huge made to measure bookcase that was built many years ago and is still rock solid and hasn’t moved a millimeter despite the left and right side being held on the wall with screws and not sitting on a base on the ground like usual.

These bookcases weight an incredible amount and even more when full of books, if they are not designed and built properly they will not hold.

The next made to measure bookcase is built into the side of a house where they extended from the front to the back of the house and added a roof with height ceilings and made three little rooms, we added bookcases in two rooms and general storage cupboards in the first room. It was a challenging space to build in as it was so tall but the floor space was small.

The bookcase in the central room just below is designed to hold children’s books on the bottom so it’s easy for them to reach.

Large library unit designed by Empatika

The center has a display box with a light for the children’s home made ornaments, and the bookcase also has an LED running along the bottom to make it look like it is floating off the floor a bit.

Large library unit designed by Empatika

The third room has a floating bookcase for medium and small books.

Large library unit designed by Empatika

This made to measure bookcase is part of a home office and designed to hold large books and files below and medium and small books above it.

Bespoke home office unit by Empatika

The advantage of made to measure bookcases is that they fit your ceiling height perfectly, you can choose what spacing you have for the books too and make them look right for the bookcase, if you have shelf spacing’s that are too tall for your books it makes the bookcase look badly designed and not nice.

White melamine Random Bookcase

To give this made to measure bookcase a more interesting contemporary look we added what I call random uprights.

White melamine Random Bookcase



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The following made to measure bookcase is more of a floating shelving unit because each shelf is individually cut and shaped to fit into the alcoves, they are then painted any colour that is needed.

Bespoke shelving London

This made to measure bookcase is made of a pre finished melamine coated wood that has a dark rusty stone like effect on it that looks amazing in real life as well as in the picture. This bookcase has random uprights and random square and rectangular spacings and compartments as well as spot lights that pick out certain key ornaments. The base unit has doors in front which make it look like a plinth that supports the unit as well as hiding lots of items people like to store and an alcohol cabinet too.

This L shaped bookcase goes around two corners and also fits nicely around a ceiling beam. Lights are also used here to pick out objects. The lights are placed in a random but balanced fashion to give interest and bring the unit to life.

Fitted floor to ceiling display unit library bookcases with accent asymmetrical shelves with LED lights

This is another floating bookcase made of individual floating shelves, they have been curved as its a hallway to both make it safer and make the ends less sharp to the eye. Floating bookcases like this are the most minimal and simple way to have shelving in your hallway or other part of the house.

All the images on this page and website are made and designed by Empatika and not stock images.

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