Our Western Deluded Cost of living

We are so used to cheap stuff that comes from China and the like, ready made, in bad conditions, low wages, low welfare standards, cheap materials harvested unsustainably, using cheap materials that polute and that are mass produced in countries that have low wages compared to ours. This distorts the reality for us in [...]

The first bespoke fitted bookcase I ever built.

In 2003, the year I started Empatika (Formerly Custom Carpentry), actually I inherited the name from a carpenter who had been using the name for years before, his widowed wife said I could use the name and she would send me his enquiries, a bit of a sad start I know… Anyway, I actually started off [...]

I like Rude Customers

I am not trying to be funny… I like potential customers who are rude on the phone… I find all the different types of people fascinating that call me everyday for fitted furniture, I love picking up the phone to hear who is on the other end, what they have to ask, what they would [...]