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We are eco friendly & ethical as standard.

In 2011 I decided to follow my dreams and offer an eco friendly option. I started researching eco materials and am now gathering up all the materials I find to tell the world about. You can read more about these eco materials on my personal blog. But even if you don't go for an eco option [...]

What is bespoke furniture?

This is a question that over 20 thousand people ask Google every month, so I thought I would give you my answer to "what is bespoke furniture" Bespoke furniture is simply furniture that has been made to measure according to what you want to use it for and how you want it to look. [...]

Bespoke shelving Unique Random Design

You can break up the uniform lines of bespoke shelving with random sized shelves spaced at different heights and/or with different widths. When I say random I don't mean that they just end up like that by chance! They are carefully designed to look random, but in a balanced kind of way, great visual skill is required to [...]

Floating wall bookshelves

If you have loads of books and want to use the space in your stairway then you can build floating bookshelves up the wall without it touching the floor. This gives the illusion of space because you can still see the stairs and the bookshelves are just on the wall. The floating bookshelves are [...]

Good Energy is what makes Empatika go.

Since I started Empatika in 2003 (and personally before) my business has run on Good Energy. Good Energy is a British company that is totally independent and supplies 100% renewable energy. That means the energy comes from renewable sources such as the sun, waves and the wind and some biomass. A lot of the energy is [...]

Formaldehyde free Bespoke Wardrobes

These bespoke wardrobes are made using Formaldehyde free mdf wood. Find out more about the health effects of Formaldehyde here. Test your room or whole home for VOC's and Formaldehyde here. MDF wood has always been made using a formaldehyde glue to bind the wood fibres together, now it is possible to get your fitted wardrobes made from a formaldehyde [...]

Bespoke Furniture Testimonial from Lisa Condron

Empatika made some alcove bookcases in her living room (see the picture below), a large storage cupboard in her hallway and a large wardrobe in the bedroom. Lisa is a delightful customer, for me it is really important that I like my customers just like they like us, I don't want to work with anyone [...]

What it takes to plan for your fitted furniture.

When you buy a TV unit or other furniture from the shop you choose a piece of furniture you like the look of, take it home and then just put it in place. When it comes to fitted furniture, you can't just do that, you have to think of something that doesn't exist, plan it [...]