We are helping rebuild Britain’s forests by planting a tree per customer

We are determined to be completely sustainable and that starts by giving back to nature. We do this by planting trees via the Woodland Trust – a company that plants woods and trees to build a greener future for the UK and restores irreplaceable ecosystems.

The Woodland Trust will take care of your tree for 12 years in a forest called Heartwood in England. This helps re-establish the forests that were felled over the centuries when wood was a major building material. Replanting trees was not a priority until the F#C scheme was founded.

Why is it so important to replant trees? It’s simple: this helps them remain a sustainable resource, so if we continue to chop down trees and not replant them, the cycle won’t be completed. With this in mind, Custom Carpentry will plant a tree for every customer taking one of our eco options, even if it is just having your units painted with eco paint.

And while these trees won’t be cut down to make wood or paper, the important thing is the idea it represents. Trees are the lungs of the earth as well as naturally beautiful places for us all to enjoy. Let’s keep the cycle going.