More and more homeowners are discovering the beauty and practicality of modern bespoke furniture. Many homes around the UK have been transformed with customised furniture pieces, which are ideal when it comes to giving ordinary spaces a contemporary look similar to what people find in interior design magazines.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the UK, as Empatika can assist you in creating the same cosy atmosphere for your home with elegant custom furniture tailored to your needs.

Organise every room in your home with fitted furniture UK

When it comes to tidying up the rooms in our homes and trying to find a place for everything, we often face the problem that the space available that we can use is not enough. No matter what we do, it seems that we never have enough space at home to store clothes, books, shoes, or other items.

We can see awkward corners or spaces that we wish we could use to store more of our things, but the problem is finding shelves or cabinets that can fit in these spaces. We can usually find these spaces in areas such as the back of doors, the top of cupboards, the loft, so finding pieces of furniture to fit these spaces is difficult, if not impossible.

Fitted furniture can help to put these awkward spaces to good use. Custom and built-in pieces are made to measure and are crafted to fit irregular shaped spaces. Fitted furniture uses space in your home to the last millimetre, which allows you to have as much space as you want for storage and other purposes.

Empatika can help you solve your problems of storage by maximising the available space in your home with bespoke furniture. Another added benefit when you decide to purchase bespoke furniture is that you will not have a piece of furniture that is too big or too small. We provide 3D drawings of each piece to help you visualise how the furniture will fit your home. These drawings undergo unlimited revisions until Empatika gets your approval for the design.

Creating Modern Spaces with Custom-made Furniture UK

When you install custom-made furniture in your home, a lot of design and functionality options become available to you. Bespoke furniture provides customers more value for money compared to store-bought pieces. Going bespoke also allows you to take control of the design, from materials to paint and other finishing touches.

Interior designers agree that custom furniture gives rooms a smarter and more cohesive look. Custom furniture providers can also be instructed to create additional storage options, such as pull-outs and floating shelves. It is very unlikely you will find these extra features in flat-pack furniture, which is usually made using a singular standard model.

Empatika prides itself as a maker of quality customised pieces. Our furniture is crafted by artisans and carpenters approved by the Guild of Master Craftsmen, and the superior quality of our products reflect exquisite craftsmanship. We offer UK homes customised:

  • Bookcases
  • Closets
  • Wardrobes
  • Shelving (including floating shelves)
  • Media Units
  • Home office furniture
  • Computer workstations
  • Storage cupboards
  • Beds, drawers and bedside tables
  • Display cases and plinths for shops

Order Sustainable Custom Furniture UK

One of Empatika’s main goals is to lead furniture makers and similar businesses to a more sustainable model of production. We use a sustainable material made from tree cut-offs and sawdust pressed together, and non-toxic paint derived from plants. We are also proud members of the Organisation for Responsible Businesses and Sustainable Building Association.

Besides our green advocacy, we are also proud to be recognised as a British brand. Everything that we use is sourced locally, so when you order from us, you are also supporting the local economy.

Create a beautiful modern home with Empatika’s bespoke furniture. Call us on 0800 458 9158 to get a quote today!