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A lot of companies talk about their “sustainability” policies, but it seems very few back this up with real actions. At Empatika we genuinely put sustainable thinking at the heart of everything we do. The construction and home interiors industries create a lot of environmental waste and pollution, but these are mostly problems that can be fixed by simply swapping a few products and checking where your products are being sourced from.

At Empatika even our standard option uses low formaldehyde F#C wood that is grown in well managed forests in Ireland and manufactured in the UK, so that’s pretty local when you consider that over 80% of wood used in the UK is imported. We use low voc waterbased paints which you can live in straight after decoration. Empatika is also run on 100% renewable energy using GoodEnergy, the UK’s only independent 100% renewable energy provider.

If you want to go even further than this we offer a full blown Eco option for your home furniture. We are pioneers in the field of bespoke Eco fitted furniture and have produced furniture using materials that have never been used before in fitted furniture such as Stramit boards and other eco friendly materials such as strawboard, recycled plastic, low energy lights and clever design to extend the useful life or your furniture.

We can do all grades of Eco fitted furniture and can describe the environmental impact of each from just usual fitted units using waterbased paints to Earthborne and AURO’s natural paints made of natural and plant based materials and from formaldehyde free MDF wood to formaldehyde free strawboard made of straw instead of wood chips. We have a big list of options we would be pleased to talk to you about and tailor your eco fitted furniture exactly to your storage, health and sustainability needs, just contact Tristan on 0800 458 9158 or 07770 431 551 or email



For customers going for our standard non eco option we use quality DULUX and Farrow and Ball water based paint which has no odour due to it not being made with oil or solvents. This makes it a better product than their oil based paints but is still far from being an eco paint because it is petrol based.

Earthborn natural solvent-free paint

The simplest way to “green” your units is by using easily available natural eco-paint. We can paint your units using Earthborn paint which uses plant based and natural abundant materials to produce one of the most environmentally friendly range of paints available.

We can use other similar eco-paints too, such as Biofa, AURO and others. Contact us for more details


sustainable MDF

All our MDF wood is of the highest quality and made by Medite who only make low formaldehyde MDF. MDF uses the by product of saw mills and trees that have been thinned out of the forest to let the other trees grow to maturity to be turned into nice planks. This means it uses a waste byproduct, turns it into sawdust and then pressed back together under high pressure to form the large sheets that we use to make our quality fitted furniture.

If you want to go greener than than this we can also use a boards totally free from formaldehyde called Medite Ecologique, as well as being formaldehyde free, these boards use a third of the amount of glue which means less use of petrochemicals. We can also use hardboard backing which uses no glue whatsoever and is just wood fibres pressed together at high pressure.

Well managed trees are a forever renewing resource

We use that comes from well managed forests; Medite for example plant more trees than they cut down. Medite are F#C certified which ensures that the rainforest is not being cut down to make your fitted furniture.


smile plastics


We can source boards made of straw instead of wood. In order to be sustainable, we can’t just rely on once source such as wood, we need as much diversity as possible. Straw is a waste by product which makes it perfect to transform into panels to use for fitted furniture.

Some of the recycled plastics that we can use to make to make your fitted furniture, in the centre is recycled corrugated roof plastic with shredded Bank of England notes trapped inside for example.

Recycled plastic

We also offer transparent recycled plastic panels made from confiscated counterfeit CDs or boards made of plastic office cups. We can use these in front of spot lights to make an illuminated feature.

Recycled glass

We can also use recycled glass for desk or dressing table countertops or as feature backs in bookcases with light in front.

Fillers & Sealants

We make our unit look seamless by joining them to the wall using a water based flexible filler that uses reusable plastic outer packaging saving many tons of plastic waste per year. More information on this product is available here.

We also use waterbased and solvent free Gripfill Gap Filling Adhesive when required.


There is more than materials that make our fitted furniture company Green, there is the underlying philosophy and genuine care for our children’s future and our health, as well as the respect of what we have been given to take care of and pass on to our future generations, this includes ethical business practise. Our owner Tristan Titeux was brought up with these values, they are not something created because that’s the thing to do, he has a deep respect for nature and ethics that run through the whole of his business and life, search Tristan Titeux in Google to see his personal websites.

sustainable energy

We are powered by sustainable energy

We are an honest company whose main aim is to delight our customers, we are supported by other good companies that help us towards our goal of living a good and honest life such as:

The Co-op Bank. Since 2003 we have been with The Co-op Bank. They are an ethical bank that invest our money into good causes – they don’t invest in arms, oppressive regimes, nuclear power or tobacco amongst other things. In 2008 they where voted the UK’s most ethical brand.

We have also just joined the ultimate in ethical banks Triodos.


We source our stationary from The Green Stationary Company, use recycled paper and toilet paper, natural light, natural cleaning products by ECOVER and we turn off our electrical devices overnight.

Good Energy. Custom Carpentry have been using Good Energy’s 100% renewable and clean energy to run its business since 2003. They use wind, sun, water hydropower and green bio generation using biomass and biogas – find out more about it here. They are a UK based company that is totally independently owned and they have been around long before other traditional companies jumped on the green tarrif band wagon.

The Phone Co-op. Since 2003 we have also used The Phone Co-op for our landline and freephone telephone services. By being a co-op they are “owned” by its users and they run on green electricity too. You can read about their ethical policies here.

We work from home, helping to minimise travel miles and we use public transport to get to jobs whenever possible. All our waste paper is shredded and used as bedding for our chicken.

smile plastics

The company chicken getting on with some paperwork


tree planting policy

It is important to replant trees in order for them to remain a sustainable resource – if the cycle isn’t completed then it doesn’t work. With this in mind Custom Carpentry will plant a tree for every customer taking one of our eco options, even if it is just having your units painted with eco paint.

Of course these trees won’t be cut down to make into wood or paper – the important thing is the idea it represents. Trees are the lungs of the earth as well as beautiful places to walk and play in for people, children and animals.

sustainable energy

We are helping rebuild Britain’s forests.

We plant trees via the Woodland trust who do a lot to encourage businesses, people and schools to plant trees.

The Woodland Trust will take care of your tree for 12 years in a forest called Heartwood in England, helping re-establish the forests that were felled over the centuries when wood was a major building material. Replanting trees was not a priority until the F#C scheme came into being.


We also support the World Land Trust who buy up sensitive parts of the rainforest to preserve it forever. We are loosing an aread of the rainforest the size of a football pitch every single second, one of the ways to help stop this is to simply buy it up in order to protect it. The rainforest if the most diverse eco system on earth, it holds the key to our medicines and foods and many other products, it has taken millions of years to evolve, once it is gone, it is gone forever.

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