Our Sustainability Ethos

Taking real action

Planting Trees

With Woodland trust

We are determined to be completely sustainable and that starts by giving back to nature. We do this by planting trees via the Woodland Trust – a company that plants woods and trees to build a greener future for the UK and restores irreplaceable ecosystems. This is something we will always do.

Protecting the Rainforest

With World land trust

We have been supporting the World Land Trust (WLT) since 2013 and have, to date, saved 40 acres of tropical forest in Colombia. This is just the beginning of what we can do to help protect our rainforests and as a carpentry company working with timber, we promise to only work in an ethical way.

#SaveForests with WWF

Empatika has joined WWF’s latest campaign to put a stop to illegally sourced wood in the UK. We work with timber on a daily basis and that’s why it’s essential to protect the environment – it’s one of our key ethos at Empatika.

Eco Furniture Options

We see the home as more than just the physical house you live in, but rather, the incredible planet we accommodate. That’s why offering plenty of eco furniture options is at the top of our priorities. At Empatika, we use eco-friendly materials, sustainable resources and even plant trees in the rainforest to keep the cycle going.

Sustainable Timber

In 2015, Empatika joined the WWF-UK’s Forest Campaign and we have since stayed committed to several sustainable practises. This includes only buying timber products from sustainable sources, using wood that is legal and traceable, as well as sourcing certified wood with full chain of custody. These are just some of the many sustainable commitments we have made.

Ecologiocal Paint

Standard Option

For customers going for our standard non-eco option, we use quality DULUX and Farrow and Ball water-based paint which has no odour as it is not made with oils or solvents. This makes it a better product than oil-based paints but is still far from being an eco-friendly paint because it uses petrol.

Earthborn natural solvent-free paint

The simplest way to “green” your units is by using natural eco-paint. We can paint your units with Earthborn paint which uses plant-based and natural abundant materials to produce one of the most environmentally friendly range of paints available.

We can use other similar eco-paints too, such as Biofa, AURO and others. Contact us for more details.

our office

How We Run a Sustainable Office

We believe in a sustainable way of living and that’s reflected in how we work within the office. From paper waste control to our employees working from home, our workplace is all about projecting conscious practises throughout and it is something we will continue to do, forever.

Furniture for the Future

Written by Tristan himself, this book offers an insight into the world of fitted furniture, sustainability and the world around it. It is available as a PDF document, an audio book and as a hard-cover book.

Tell us about your project

We want to know exactly what you need for your specific space, that way we can offer the ideal built-in furniture for you. Send us your requirements and we will get back to you with your personalised quote.