Paid Design Visit

If you don’t have time to send us pictures, sketches and would like us to visit you and design the unit with you the please fill out the form below, for more information about our visit please read the text below this enquiry form.

COST: 450 GBP (excluding Vat)

    Your Requirements

    Walk-in wardrobe
    Media Unit
    Home office
    Other - please specify below
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    What can I expect?

    Your designer will go into detail about every aspect of your desired fitted furniture after listening, of course, to what you would like. They’ll ask you questions about how you want your space to be used, what you want your room to look like and so on, enabling them to share your vision.

    After this is done, our designers will go about taking measurements of everything in your room that could affect the design’s layout, such as pictures, TV’s, ornaments etc. They’ll also suggest where to move electric sockets if need be, and explain why you may need extra sockets to accommodate the new design as well as how to install them. Every detail is covered here so you know exactly how your design is going to come to fruition.

    Creating your look

    Our designer will make a bespoke suggestion for you, based on the input you’ve given them and suggestions you’ve made. It’s our job to translate your dream into reality, and our experts will present you with a design that’s beautiful, simple and contemporary. All our designers come equipped with tablets so they can show you past projects and allow you to visualise what we’re going to do for you.

    How long will my meeting last?

    As long as necessary. We don’t set time limits on our design visits; our designers won’t leave until they’re confident you’re happy with your solution.

    What next?

    Once we’ve got an exact, clear picture of what you want, our designer will head back to our office and send you a quote as soon as possible, which is usually the next day.

    What’s included in the cost?

    Our design visits cost £450 plus VAT. To book please send a message below and we’ll contact you to arrange the most convenient time slot to suit your schedule.

    Please note that this price is for the visit and a quote. If you would like drawings too that would be an additional £250 plus VAT per item, eg a wardrobe or a media unit or a bookcase.

    If you’re only interested in a price estimate at this point, please use this contact form to get your free email quote. You can also check out our pricing page to get a rough idea of starting price without VAT.