Pricing Guide

Please Note: All below prices are starting prices and don’t include VAT at 20%

Band A

£4.000 – £6.000

A medium size unit

Band B

£6.000 – £12.000

A large size unit

Band C

£12.000 – £20.000

Two or three units around your home

Small Wardrobe
from £2950

Medium Wardrobe
from £5450

Large Wardrobe
from £6550

Medium Bookcase
from £4550

Large Bookcase
from £4850

Illuminated Display
from £6540

Alcove Media Unit
from £4750


Low media TV unit
from £4850

Large Media Unit
from £6550

Floating Shelves
from £1250

Milo Floating Shef
from £1450

Floating Cubes
from £6550

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