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Empatika News: Milo Furniture Featured in Willesden Library

Recycled Wood Table in Library Exhibition Tristan is a fitted furniture expert but he also specialises in recycled and reclaimed wood furniture. He is the designer of the Milo table, which is a small coffee table or bedside table made from waste wood. Recently the Milo furniture received the recognition it deserved, by being featured [...]

Wood Recycling Made Easy

Did you know there is a nationwide scheme set up to help people recycle and reclaim wood? Here at Empatika we’re all for recycling and re-using, so we thought we’d share his useful information with you. The National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP) is an initiative which was set up back in 2003, with [...]

Chemicals in Your Home: The Truth

Like most people, you probably haven’t given a second thought to the amount of unnatural materials and chemicals in your home. From furnishings such as carpets and mattresses to plastic children’s toys, you’ll be shocked to find out that almost everything in your home could be giving off harmful gases. It’s a process called [...]

Our Favourite Eco Designers

Everyone here at Empatika, especially Tristan our Founder, has a passion for eco design. We believe it’s the future, and hopefully interior designers and furniture makers across the world will soon be designing spaces and fixtures where the environment comes first. Using sustainable materials is integral to the concept of eco design. The environmental impact [...]

London Fitted Furniture

Empatika create the most beautiful contemporary fitted furniture in London. We cover most of London and the following job was done in Crystal Palace in South East London in cooperation with an interior designer and the customer. The unit was designed to be clean and not fussy on the eye and to store many items away [...]

Recycled glass, a great eco material for fitted furniture.

Eco materials are the answer to a cleaner world. Eco Materials are becoming more available these days as more and more of us realise the importance of becoming more sustainable. Recycled glass is a great eco material because it is inert, so does not pollute you or the environment. It can also be recycled [...]