London Fitted Furniture

Empatika create the most beautiful contemporary fitted furniture in London. We cover most of London and the following job was done in Crystal Palace in South East London in cooperation with an interior designer and the customer.

The unit was designed to be clean and not fussy on the eye and to store many items away from view. You will see below when the doors are open how much storage is possible behind those doors.

The plain white doors are broken up with a shelving area with various random coloured squares, lights shining down onto displayed ornaments and pictures. This adds interest to the unit rather than it being a pure practical boring storage unit.

Opposite we made a floating Milo shelf from the Milo series of furniture made from waste wood offcuts from our fitted furniture  This shelf is made of many pieces that would normally be wasted. As well as the fact that it is a shelf that you can have and feel good about because of the story behind it, it is simply, a stunning piece of design.

For me, this shelf is the most important part of this fitted furniture project because I am passionate about the environment we live in and I want to highlight the over consuming habits we have got into and therefore the waste we create and also talk about different materials. The Milo series of furniture makes you want to touch it and question what it is made of, because people never get to see the edge of these materials, normally in fitted furniture you just see the face, which usually is disguised with a wood veneer, plastic laminate or paint.

I want to take peoples curiosity and talk about what is good and bad about these current materials and how they should or will be improved in the future. If you are interested in this have a look at the blogs I have written on eco materials.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and contact us if you would like to have something similar in your home.

The coloured squares add interest to the white shelves.

Lights bring the shelving part of the unit alive at night.

The doors have top routed handles to open them which means you don’t need handles on the front and so keep the minimal look.

These are the scale drawings of this unit before it was built, every space has been thought about and everything the customer wanted to store inside has been considered.

Look at all the clutter that is hidden away, fitted furniture makes good use of all the vertical space leaving no gaps or waste space.

Inside the fitted furniture you can see the way we have build around an awkward corner along the wall. It is very neatly boxed around and made different in the lower section to allow for bulkier pipes that where fitted when a radiator was moved.

Here you can see the storage unit is opposite a desk with the Milo shelf above it.

The Milo shelf above the desk.

The Milo shelf is made using many layers of wood that would otherwise be thrown away.

The front, sides and top are sanded smooth but the underside is left totally rough which helps to highlight the smooth and also reminds you it is made from recycled wood.

To see more fitted furniture that we do in London see our gallery on our main site. Please download the “7 biggest mistakes people make when buying fitted furniture” booklet in the top right hand corner of this page to help you make the right choices.

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