Biggest Mistakes When Buying Built-In Furniture: Number 6

Buying bespoke furniture is a huge investment – which is why you need to consider your options carefully when choosing a furniture company. Many homeowners make big mistakes – we’ve seen it first-hand – which is why we’ve published this series to help people make the right choice. The Biggest Mistakes Series can be [...]

Biggest Mistakes When Buying Built-In Furniture: Number 5

If you’ve not been reading our helpful blog series, Biggest Mistakes When Buying Built-in Furniture, where have you been?! We’ve been posting one huge mistake every month so we can help people avoid making bad decisions for their homes. Mistake number five is turning your home into a building site – nobody should have [...]

Biggest Mistakes When Buying Built-In Furniture: Number 4

We’ve recently been running a monthly series on the blog – biggest mistakes when buying built-in furniture. This is aimed at people who are considering investing in fitted furniture, and want to make sure they do it right so they choose high quality products which last a lifetime. If you haven’t yet decided on [...]

Biggest Mistakes when Buying Built in Furniture: Number 3

It’s that time of the month again – to find out what NOT to do when buying fitted furniture for your home or business. The Empatika experts have already shared the first two mistakes: Not getting a guarantee and choosing a company without a good reputation, which you can read about here. There are [...]

Biggest Mistakes when Buying Built in Furniture: Number 2

Welcome to the second blog in our biggest mistake series – we’re helping you find the perfect fitted furniture first time around. Over the many years working in the industry, we’ve noticed that lots of people make mistakes when it comes to commissioning built in furniture, so we’ve decided to share them with the [...]

What’s so Good about White Furniture?

Furniture trends come and go – dark, polished wood used to be all the rage a decade or longer ago, and it still gives a traditional feel today. As interiors became more modern and contemporary, lighter woods were incorporated to give an airier feel to a room. Pine was very popular for fitted furniture [...]

Biggest Mistakes when Buying Built in Furniture: Number 1

As renowned furniture designers and trusted industry experts, Empatika is running a series of blogs to help homeowners buy the right fitted furniture for them. As a big investment, and a permanent feature in the home, it’s important to get it right first time. Every month we’ll be posting the biggest mistakes customers make [...]

5 Investment Furniture Pieces That Every New Homeowner Should Have

Being a first time property buyer is an incredibly exciting time and turning a house into a home is one of the highlights of the entire experience. Investing in a handful of premium quality items and unique pieces that will last a lifetime rather than requiring frequent replacement furniture is essential to save time [...]

5 Reasons Why Custom Furniture Is Better Than Mass Produced Pieces

While mass produced furniture companies such as Ikea are incredibly convenient, chances are you will end up with the same sofa, bookshelf and coffee table as half of Britain. Instead of following the masses, why not choose to commission custom made furniture that is as unique as you are? There are a range of [...]