Biggest Mistakes when Buying Built in Furniture: Number 1

As renowned furniture designers and trusted industry experts, Empatika is running a series of blogs to help homeowners buy the right fitted furniture for them. As a big investment, and a permanent feature in the home, it’s important to get it right first time.

Every month we’ll be posting the biggest mistakes customers make when hiring furniture companies to fit built in furniture. So what is the number one mistake? Read on to find out!

Many people have learnt the hard way in life that buying cheap means you buy twice – and this mantra certainly applies to custom built in furniture. Whether it’s a fitted wardrobe, bookcase or media unit, you expect it to last as long as the house. However, if the carpentry company you choose don’t use high quality materials or highly skilled craftsmen, your shelving unit probably won’t last half as long as you’d expect.

That’s why it’s important to do your research before you trust a company to build custom furniture in your home. Don’t sign any contracts before you’ve properly checked out the reputation of the company and their reviews. But mistakes do happen, even from the finest of craftsmen – which leads us on to our number one mistake when investing in fitted furniture: not getting a guarantee.

As a paying customer you need to ask yourself the following questions:

What happens in a year’s time if the hinges fall off?

What happens if my shelves start to bow?

Any company who takes pride in their work will offer a lengthy guarantee to back up their handywork. (For the record, Empatika offers a two year guarantee to all its customers)!

What can go wrong with fitted furniture?

Looking at beautiful pieces of brand new bespoke furniture, you may think to yourself: it fits perfectly – what could possibly go wrong? Over time, and dependent on how you use the furniture, many things can happen and the quality can deteriorate. Shelves can sag or break, doors and drawers may not open or close well or can even fall off if the hinges are low quality.

Building a drawer

Badly Made Furniture

Unfortunately, the team at Empatika have seen a vast range of badly made furniture, as we are called in to repair the damage or replace other people’s work. We have seen the stress and worry it causes homeowners after investing so much time and money into the project, and end up with careless results. Many furniture companies will try and cut corners in any way they can, to reduce costs for themselves – but this does not produce high quality woodwork.

To save yourself having to fork out your hard earned cash a second or third time, make sure you choose a reputable company the first time round. Demand a guarantee from your provider – any trustworthy and dependable company will be happy to offer one.

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Will a company offering a guarantee cost more?

Most likely, as a company which offers a worthwhile guarantee will pay attention to all the finer details. They will ensure they are using the premier quality materials and equipment, because they care about their customers and the standard of work. For example, Empatika uses screws which cost four times as much as regular screws, as they never split the wood and consequently make the unit stronger. Hidden details like this ensure that you are getting added value out of your furniture.

So perhaps respected companies offering a good guarantee may cost you more upfront, as no doubt they have invested more in its materials which will be in your home. You are also paying for that security that you won’t have to pay any most costs if anything goes wrong with the furniture. But think of it this way – companies offering a guarantee won’t want to receive a phonecall from a past client requesting repairs. They won’t want to put a current project on hold to return to a piece of furniture which they will have to pay to repair and upgrade – this costs the company time and money. Therefore, the company will endeavour to get it right first time!


Most companies with a guarantee will provide free aftercare for each of its customers, as it has its clients’ best interests at heart. A good company will provide free advice if you need it, and keep in touch to make sure everything is still in order with your built in furniture.(Empatika are the masters of that – just sign up for our monthly newsletter or browse the blog for heaps of free tips and hints for your home)!

Read some of our testimonials and decide for yourself whether we are a company worth trusting in.

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