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Storage Inspiration: Tiny Home Offices

Many homes now require a home office – whether it’s used as a working office or a study room, or simply somewhere to store the printer and check emails. However not all homes are blessed with the extra space needed to create a home office room. However, with a bit of creativity and expert fitted [...]

Biggest Mistakes When Buying Built-In Furniture: Number 4

We’ve recently been running a monthly series on the blog – biggest mistakes when buying built-in furniture. This is aimed at people who are considering investing in fitted furniture, and want to make sure they do it right so they choose high quality products which last a lifetime. If you haven’t yet decided on [...]

Biggest Mistakes when Buying Built in Furniture: Number 3

It’s that time of the month again – to find out what NOT to do when buying fitted furniture for your home or business. The Empatika experts have already shared the first two mistakes: Not getting a guarantee and choosing a company without a good reputation, which you can read about here. There are [...]

Biggest Mistakes when Buying Built in Furniture: Number 2

Welcome to the second blog in our biggest mistake series – we’re helping you find the perfect fitted furniture first time around. Over the many years working in the industry, we’ve noticed that lots of people make mistakes when it comes to commissioning built in furniture, so we’ve decided to share them with the [...]

Biggest Mistakes when Buying Built in Furniture: Number 1

As renowned furniture designers and trusted industry experts, Empatika is running a series of blogs to help homeowners buy the right fitted furniture for them. As a big investment, and a permanent feature in the home, it’s important to get it right first time. Every month we’ll be posting the biggest mistakes customers make [...]

How to Create the Illusion of Space

Although we may all long for marvellous mansions, owning studios and apartments is a swish way to live. The only setback is that sometimes small areas need to appear more spacious to prevent that sense of claustrophobia! Creating that larger than life look is not as unachievable as it may seem. Try a few [...]

If You Can’t Get Rid Of It – Make a Feature Out Of It!

When most people envision their dream home, they often perceive it as a blank canvas that meets each and every specification. In reality there are many elements of a room that cannot be changed but that fly in the face of the white picket fence ideal. Fortunately, bespoke fitted furniture is a fantastic option, [...]

How to Future Proof Your Renovation

A word that often strikes fear into the hearts of many is ‘renovation.’ Many of us perceive renovation as a synonym for expensive but often it is homeowners themselves who are selling themselves short by opting for cheaper fittings and fixtures that don’t stand the test of time. A renovation is a wily investment indeed [...]

How to blend old and new for a timeless interior décor look

The aesthetic charm of period homes is undeniable. And as a country with a rich history of settlement, industrialism and architecture, Britain is blessed with a plethora of beautiful old homes and spaces. Yet with their old world appeal comes the unavoidable question of how to choose the perfect furniture. Many decorators often choose [...]