How to Future Proof Your Renovation

A word that often strikes fear into the hearts of many is ‘renovation.’ Many of us perceive renovation as a synonym for expensive but often it is homeowners themselves who are selling themselves short by opting for cheaper fittings and fixtures that don’t stand the test of time. A renovation is a wily investment indeed when it is conducted correctly which is why we are suggesting some key considerations to keep in mind whilst renovating.

Use High Quality Materials

Certain materials are more enduring, hard wearing and pack greater longevity than others. Wood has been used since ancient times owing to its strength and tenacity. Teak and mahogany are viable options with long lasting potential. No material has a life span that exceeds the tree. Other promising materials include cane, treated rubber wood, mild steel, glass, synthetic leather, stainless steel and cast iron. Sourcing materials that are proven to last rather than wither and wear in a few years will make a world of difference.

Utilise Expert Craftsmanship

You can source all of the hardwearing materials you want but incorrect installation will render it a wasted endeavour. Expert craftsmen have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience and know how to get the job done efficiently. Cutting corners by selecting a cheap but ineffective alternative can lead to severe ramifications down the line.

Think Green


The future is most definitely green as more of us turn to sustainable sources of manufacture. Use recycled and reclaimed materials as often as possible and always be mindful of where materials have been procured from. Look out for the FDA approved mark which ensures buyers that no rainforest trees have been felled. 100% acrylic, low VOC paints are ideal as an odourless, eco-friendly, non-toxic option to residents. Be as green as you possibly can!

Consider the Future

We live in exciting times where most of us are expected to live to 100, or even exceed it. Due to this, people are urged to future proof their homes to consider age. When you’re older, perhaps with lessened mobility, what will you require to make yourself more comfortable? Consider the needs of multi-generational residents and create a flexible living space.

Make Your Home Smart


Technology is always developing. Incorporate systems so that you can control your lighting, heating, home surveillance systems and appliances if you wish. A smart home needn’t be an expensive home and a few added mod-cons can make your home extra liveable.