The Complete Guide to Showcasing Unique Décor and Accessories

It’s commonplace nowadays for many homeowners to boast a unique collection of decadent accessories but if they aren’t showcased appropriately, the allure and aesthetic appeal generated by such items merely goes to waste. Not to fret – we’re here to show you how to make the best of it with our helpful hints and suitable suggestions so that you can achieve the perfect look in your home.

Custom Built Shelving


Most of us place our prized possessions on an assortment of shelves but not every shelf is made equally. The benefit to custom built shelving is that you can utilise a size, shape, design and material specified to your needs. Rather than sourcing shelving that is too small and liable to become crowded and cluttered, or too spacious and ineffectual, custom built shelving means that weather you are housing precious collectables or luxury ornaments, you can merge practicality with an easy sense of style.



If you thought spotlighting was just for museums and theatres you’d be wrong. A spotlight is a strong focused beam of light generated at a particular spot. You can use such a flattering technique to highlight a particular item of furniture or area of interest. It’s also a great way to create a sense of warmth, focus and intimacy.

Colour Coordination

We all know the effects of colours that clash. Darker colours can close a room whereas lighter colours open the room out, making it appear spacious and larger than it is. The colours you choose can create a very powerful aesthetic, for instance plush reds and vanilla whites create a regal warmth, orange and green create zesty intrigue and yellows and blues can mirror a day at the beach. Colour is also a relatively easy way to inject a little suitable highlighting without breaking the bank. The colours you use in the décor will have a hand in hand effect with the accessories you are showcasing in the room.


Tailor made cabinets are a great way to hone your focus onto the things you value most. Again, the benefit of a tailor made cabinet or wardrobe is that you can design it to your size, style and special specifications to create a look that suits your personality and home. By cultivating a classic piece in fitting with your standards, you add another point of interest to your house.

Custom Made Novelty Items

Custom made bookcases work well to showcase not only books but collectables, ornaments and other items in a truly stylish way. A bookcase is a classic staple for a home that never goes out of fashion and acts as a point of interest all on its own.