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Home Resolutions for 2016

2016 is here which means you’ve probably made many New Year’s resolutions – whether you keep them or not is another matter! It’s a new beginning and a fresh start for all of us, but why not think about something different to aspire to this year? If you know your health kick won’t last long [...]

Biggest Mistakes When Buying Built-In Furniture: Number 7

We are now at the final mistake in our series, and it is arguably the most important to avoid. As fitted furniture specialists, the team at Empatika are all too familiar with homeowners and families who have made choices they’ve come to regret. That’s why we decided to help people who are thinking about buying [...]

Wood Recycling Made Easy

Did you know there is a nationwide scheme set up to help people recycle and reclaim wood? Here at Empatika we’re all for recycling and re-using, so we thought we’d share his useful information with you. The National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP) is an initiative which was set up back in 2003, with [...]

170 Million Hectares of Forest to be Lost by 2030

This week we’d like to draw your attention to a report sent to us by the WWF which holds devastating news. Up to 170 million hectares of forest could be destroyed by 2030, and more than 80% of the deforestation could take place in just 11 places around the globe. These areas have been [...]

Empatika: Proud Member of the Organisation for Responsible Businesses

Have you heard of the ORB? (Organisation for Responsible Businesses for those not in the know). The business membership organisation is especially for SMEs that wish to engage in the responsible business agenda. Responsible business brings together many buzz words which are thrown around nowadays: sustainable business, green business and ethical business. It is [...]

5 Investment Furniture Pieces That Every New Homeowner Should Have

Being a first time property buyer is an incredibly exciting time and turning a house into a home is one of the highlights of the entire experience. Investing in a handful of premium quality items and unique pieces that will last a lifetime rather than requiring frequent replacement furniture is essential to save time [...]

Introducing You to EarthBorn

When people come to our website to look at our eco-friendly options, they are almost always intrigued by the section outlining Earthborn paints. We thought we’d take the time to introduce you to our range of eco-friendly paints for the environmentally conscious amongst you in order to outline their advantages and inspire you to [...]

What Is The Sustainable Building Association?

The Sustainable Building Association is an innovative collaboration comprised of a network of organisations and companies committed to promoting sustainable building. The incentive focuses on enabling big business and the natural environment to flourish in unison, believing neither should be to the detriment of the other. Unifying architects, builders, housing associations, manufacturers, designers and [...]

Want to know where we get our wood? A look into our sustainable Irish forest

With the world’s rainforests subject to the ever increasing threat of permanent destruction, it is crucial for contemporary consumers to make responsible choices when it comes to buying wooden products such as furniture and building materials. As an eco-friendly company, Empatika is dedicated to using environmentally sustainable materials and sources all its wood from [...]