Introducing You to EarthBorn

When people come to our website to look at our eco-friendly options, they are almost always intrigued by the section outlining Earthborn paints. We thought we’d take the time to introduce you to our range of eco-friendly paints for the environmentally conscious amongst you in order to outline their advantages and inspire you to make the greener choice.

Earthborn paints began as a small, intimate collection of individuals who wished to create a greener alternative to traditional paints. The brand’s key products have been awarded a highly acclaimed EU Ecolabel making them an advantageous choice.

“Earthborn paints are not only beautiful and a pleasure to use, but they are also designed to be healthier to live with. The paint contains no oils or acrylics which means no nasty emissions and high breathability. Add to that they are licensed to carry the EU Ecolabel, you are reassured the paints are better for you, your home and the environment.”

So why should you choose EarthBorn paints in place of more conventional options?

They don’t smell

When peeling back the lid of a conventional paint tin, we all remember that heady, nauseating stench. Those fumes certainly aren’t good for you in the slightest! Due to the all-natural nature of the EarthBorn product, there are no noxious, unpleasant or unhealthy odours so you can paint away in tranquillity rather than holding your breath until you’re finished!

They are popular

Okay, so not everything that is well-liked is immediately the best choice, but EarthBorn paints have gone down a treat with everyone from style gurus, interior decorators, homeowners, architects and contractors. Charlie Luxton has included Earthborn in his Channel 4 scrapbook, and they have also been featured in the Bright Bazaar blog.

They truly are eco-friendly

Constructed from plant based and naturally abundant materials, EarthBorn are one of the most eco-friendly paints available on the market which is why we are so happy to use them. It’s one of the greenest ways to completely revitalise your home instantly.

It is what it says on the tin!

Often, when it comes to making a purchase, we typically don’t understand what’s listed on the tin. EarthBorn paints purposely list all of their ingredients on the side of the tin so that you know what you’re getting and what you aren’t, for they are just as proud of what they don’t include as they are about what they do.

It’s free

Well not literally free, but free of all sorts of nasties. There’s no VOC, no acrylic, no oil and no odour. As well as all of this, the paint minimises condensation, deters mildew, and is beneficial for asthma sufferers or those with allergies.

It’s great paint!

Although the advantageous eco-friendly properties are worth boasting about, the great thing about EarthBorn paints are that they are genuinely a beautifully smooth option that glides on like a dream, dries quickly and provides stunningly rich colour.