The Advantages of a Bespoke Audio Visual Unit

There is a huge amount of home entertainment technology available to us, to cover every hobby and interest. Whether you are a movie, a music or a gaming fanatic, the chances are that you have an exciting amount of add ons and electrical accessories to help indulge in your recreational interests. Storing these audio visual [...]

Empatika’s Most Challenging Projects Yet!

Since its establishment in 2003, Empatika has grown in leaps and bounds, continually winning itself an ever increasing list of clients across the UK. Understandably, some of these projects have been particularly challenging, requiring the Empatika team to draw on their expertise and versatility in order to succeed. Below is an overview of three [...]

Empatika Joins Forces with Helen Sanderson

We have recently partnered with interior designer, artist and life coach Helen Sanderson to deliver a complete and bespoke interior design service.  Helen also works as a personal organiser, helping people free their home and lives from unnecessary clutter.  By joining forces we are giving customers a life changing service, and helping people create [...]

Furniture for the Future: A Must Read!

If you have a passion for beautiful furniture and environmentally conscious living, Tristan Titeux’s Furniture for the Future is an absolute must read! As the founder of ethical and eco-friendly UK carpentry business Empakita, Titeux offers readers an intriguing glimpse into his thoughts on furniture, sustainability, healthy living and everything in-between. As the modern [...]

Empatika to Exhibit at Eco Technology Show 2014

Leaders in eco-friendly fitted furniture solutions, Empatika have announced they will be exhibiting at the Eco Technology Show in Brighton.  The 2 day exhibition will take place at The Brighton Centre on 26-27 June. Tristan Titeux, owner of Empatika will be on hand both days at stand D3, exhibiting the company’s eco materials from [...]

Empatika Supports Indonesian Rainforest Protection Project

As an ethical fitted furniture company, with sustainability at the heart of everything we do, Empatika are supporting rainforest protection projects all over the world.  We already use responsibly sourced, F#C certified wood in every project we embark on, and also offer our customers even further environmentally friendly options.  These include using recycled materials, [...]

5 Reasons You Should Have a Living Plant in Your Home

Indoor plants are a hugely popular option amongst home owners across the globe, from miniature ferns and single statement orchids to towering palms and vertical indoor gardens. They are a great way to bring the outdoors in and make your home seem fresher and more alive. As well as looking great, indoor plants also [...]

Our Western Deluded Cost of living

We are so used to cheap stuff that comes from China and the like, ready made, in bad conditions, low wages, low welfare standards, cheap materials harvested unsustainably, using cheap materials that polute and that are mass produced in countries that have low wages compared to ours. This distorts the reality for us in [...]