Empatika Supports Indonesian Rainforest Protection Project

As an ethical fitted furniture company, with sustainability at the heart of everything we do, Empatika are supporting rainforest protection projects all over the world.  We already use responsibly sourced, F#C certified wood in every project we embark on, and also offer our customers even further environmentally friendly options.  These include using recycled materials, formaldehyde free MDF for their furniture and plant based paints.  In addition, we are heavily involved in replanting trees and are helping the Woodland Trust to replant Britain’s forests.

Yet deforestation is still a major global environment issue which is often ignored by businesses and the general public.  As a company we support the World Land Trust, who buys sections of rainforest in order to protect it from deforestation.  This is the easiest way to ensure forests are left untouched.  On all corners of the globe unique eco-systems are being unnecessarily destroyed, and it’s our passion to put a stop to this and preserve our planet’s trees and rainforests.

Recently our attention was drawn to Indonesia, where rainforest destruction is rife and is causing a wealth of problems.  Not only is the beautiful habitat being destroyed, it is also causing dangerous landslides in the central Java Province of Indonesia.  The Indonesian Rainforest Foundation (IRF) works tirelessly on a number of reforestation and conservation projects around the country, to try and protect their beautiful landscape.

The IRF are planning to apply for funding from a UK foundation for an upcoming project, and Empatika will be fully supporting their application.  We are proud to be backing such a wonderful, voluntary organisation on their quest to protect the environment and rebuild damaged rainforests.  The project will take place on Chondong Hill, where long-term illegal logging and burning of mahogany trees has left the mountain unstable.  The IRF plan to replant 700 hectares of mahogany, rainforest hardwoods and fast-growing softwood trees to allow the area to become reforested. We wish the IRF every success in being granted the funding needed to complete this vital project, and Empatika will be supporting them every step of the way.