We are eco friendly & ethical as standard.

In 2011 I decided to follow my dreams and offer an eco friendly option. I started researching eco materials and am now gathering up all the materials I find to tell the world about. You can read more about these eco materials on my personal blog. But even if you don't go for an eco option [...]

Feature seams or seamless fitted furniture

Here I will show and describe to you the difference between what at Empatika we call Feature Seams or Seamless. Feature seam option. This first picture shows a living room media display unit with feature seams running up the vertical uprights, the shelves are 38mm thick and uprights 36mm. This different unit also has [...]

Examples of Fitted Furniture Renders

Thank you for your interest in Empatika. Once you have had your dream unit drawn in 3D, one of the final steps you can do to check that is looks as you imagine is to have it turned into a photo realistic drawing. A render is a drawing that has been taken from a [...]

Examples of Drawings you will get.

Thank you for taking interest in Empatika. It is important for us to ensure you get exactly what you want. When we work with you, it is a partnership, we have your total interest at heart. Once we have met we produce 3D drawings, to scale, precise to the last millimeter for you to [...]

Are you a reliable company?

If you are anything like me, you will not like being let down. I take it really badly when people let me down, I just don't like someone saying to me that they will do something or turn up somewhere and they don't, it just doesn't make sense to me. It just isn't in my [...]