Examples of Drawings you will get.

Thank you for taking interest in Empatika. It is important for us to ensure you get exactly what you want. When we work with you, it is a partnership, we have your total interest at heart. Once we have met we produce 3D drawings, to scale, precise to the last millimeter for you to check.

Once you have your drawings you can change them as many times as you like until you are 100% happy with them. We are in no rush to get the planning done because we don’t put your job in the diary until these drawings are agreed by you, that way, we are not rushing and possibly making mistakes.

This is a big investment and we want to ensure we all get it right.

Empatika does not work like a factory, we taylor every last thing to you, we take our time with the planning because the secret is in the planning! We are not about getting in and out of the door as quickly as possible.   To give you an idea of what your drawings might look like, here are some examples we have made in the past:   Here is a 3D drawing of a bespoke media TV unit and bookcase, drawn to scale.

Here the doors are peeled away and the dimensions added so you can see the actual spacings.

This penthouse media TV unit is built to fit a 60″ TV and on the left it covers the space for the Dining area.

Here you can see the dimensions of the unit.

This is an L shaped Media TV unit

Here you can see it from a slightly different angle with dimentions.

With the drawing being in 3D means that we can show you any angle.

Bespoke TV unit with bookcases on each side, storage on the bottom and top.

Here you can see holes for wires, light switch and space for speakers.

Media TV unit, the doors are all the same square shape.


Close up detail.

Bedroom wardrobe and storage. This unit was designed to create as much new space in the space available.

In this TV unit you can see the customer’s video and music equipment in green.

This is a home office and below you can see detail of the curves on the desk.

If electrics need to be moved, we make detailed drawings for any electrician to move sockets, nothing is left to chance.

This is a bespoke wine display made from waste wood.

These drawings come as standard, but if you want we offer an optional photo realistic render of the final sketch so you can really see what it looks like, just as if you where there in real.

See the next blog for examples of Renders.

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