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Our Favourite Testimonials

One of the most rewarding aspects of running a small business is receiving positive feedback from clients and knowing that customers are 100% satisfied with the finished product. As passionate craftsmen, Tristan Titeux and his Empatika team are dedicated to going above and beyond customer expectations and ensuring that each and every project is completed [...]

What does it mean to be Made in Britain?

As globalisation continues to spread its wings, the opportunities for international trade have skyrocketed. Yet while this is hugely beneficial, it is also incredibly important for the nation to support locally sourced produce that is grown, produced or manufactured on British soil. And the public agree, with a recent poll from DataHub confirming that [...]

The first bespoke fitted bookcase I ever built.

In 2003, the year I started Empatika (Formerly Custom Carpentry), actually I inherited the name from a carpenter who had been using the name for years before, his widowed wife said I could use the name and she would send me his enquiries, a bit of a sad start I know… Anyway, I actually started off [...]

Good Energy is what makes Empatika go.

Since I started Empatika in 2003 (and personally before) my business has run on Good Energy. Good Energy is a British company that is totally independent and supplies 100% renewable energy. That means the energy comes from renewable sources such as the sun, waves and the wind and some biomass. A lot of the energy is [...]

Testimonial with Catherine for Empatika.

We have worked with Catherine on three seperate occasions making her bespoke fitted furniture. We have made bespoke fitted desks, bookcases, floating shelves, wardrobes and Tv units. Catherine is a delightful customer, luckily like most of our customers. I like to work with people I like, it is important. When we work with a customer it [...]

Formaldehyde free Bespoke Wardrobes

These bespoke wardrobes are made using Formaldehyde free mdf wood. Find out more about the health effects of Formaldehyde here. Test your room or whole home for VOC's and Formaldehyde here. MDF wood has always been made using a formaldehyde glue to bind the wood fibres together, now it is possible to get your fitted wardrobes made from a formaldehyde [...]

Organisation for Responsible Business (ORB)

To Tristan Titeux from Empatika, there are two important things that matter in business: 1. Doing the best possible for their customers. 2. Doing the best they can for th environment. We are proud to be part of the Organisation for Responsible Business because it demonstrates that we take our fitted furniture business to [...]