Our Favourite Testimonials

One of the most rewarding aspects of running a small business is receiving positive feedback from clients and knowing that customers are 100% satisfied with the finished product. As passionate craftsmen, Tristan Titeux and his Empatika team are dedicated to going above and beyond customer expectations and ensuring that each and every project is completed to the highest standards with meticulous attention to detail.

No project is too big, small or complicated for Empatika and with a website full of glowing reviews, more and more Brits are enlisting the expert skills of Tristan and the team in order to create bespoke, beautifully crafted furniture for homes, businesses and public places alike.

As well as boasting an impressive set of carpentry skills, Empatika is dedicated to maintaining healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable business standards that make its custom built furniture design service truly unique.

Thanks to its underlying values of unparalleled quality and environmental responsibility, Empatika has built itself a radiant reputation in the UK carpentry scene. Below are some of Empatika’s favourite testimonials that demonstrate just how unique its services are!

​Nicola from Maida Vale said:

“The reviews set our expectations high but we were not disappointed. From the very first email, to his first visit, to ensuring that the drawings met ours and Tristan’s exacting standards, to the final product that has transformed a grotty room into an elegant, clean, crisp space…​”

​Carol in Fulham said:

“I think the most impressive thing about the company is that they actually listen and take on board what you want, there is no point in having a brilliantly done job if it isn’t what you want and I got exactly what I wanted, 100%…​”

Hadrian in Notting Hill said:

“I have rarely met people that inspire so much confidence. Frankly, I wish I could buy one more flat just to have them redo it.”

Roger from St John’s Wood said:

“This is the thing that most pleased me and is the reason that I am willing to do this, which I wouldn’t normally do. What Empatika did so very well was to interpret my ideas and put them into practice, not slavishly, you didn’t just do what I told you, and I wouldn’t have wanted that but you were able to translate my ideas into reality and improve them…”​

These are just some of the outstanding testimonials that Empatika has earned from its delighted base of clients. From kitchens and bedrooms to libraries and offices, Tristan and the team have the skills, expertise and unrivalled passion to create unique furniture solutions that are beautiful, practical and eco-friendly.