5 Ways to Make the Most of Unused Loft Space

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Whether you call it the loft or the attic, most households have one and yet have no idea how to make the most of it. The loft simply sits as a space where old clutter and unwanted items are stored. Take a look at our ideas for maximising the use of such a space in order to add value to your home and stop the loft from being a bypassed area of neglect and disinterest.

The fact that lofts sit aside from the home can really be utilised to create a home office or study, a place where you can sit quietly and remain undisturbed. As an increasing number of workers are now able to temporarily or permanently work from home, creating a space that enables you to focus and concentrate and serve as your working area can be greatly beneficial. It can also double up as a revision zone for kids and teenagers!

  • A key cause of home clutter is books. The solution isn’t always to dispose of them! Instead you can create your own home library with bookshelves and a table with a reading lamp for quiet, undisturbed reading time.
  • The loft is a great spot to manufacture a man cave or rustle up a ladies only zone! For men, the loft can serve as a gaming room whilst ladies can transform it into a place to pamper themselves.  Lofts can make amazing, huge beauty parlour bathroom conversions too.
  • Nowadays a lot of people are living with their parents for longer as they attempt to lunge onto the housing ladder. At times, this can cause families to feel on top of one another and cramp the style and freedom of older kids! Converting the loft into a play room for young children or a private space for teenagers or adults can be a great way of ensuring everyone has their own space.
  • Women accumulate an awful lot of makeup, jewellery, clothing and shoes. Wardrobes and cupboards often end up fit to burst. Lofts can be used as a woman’s dream space for all of her feminine things.
  • With many people creating entrepreneurial home businesses making jewellery, shoes and clothing, the loft is an ideal place to create an out of the way workshop.
  • Most Brits long to get into shape and as winter approaches that thought can seem daunting. Expensive gym memberships can also be off-putting. Transforming the loft into a home gym can be a great way to invest in your health and fitness as well as the future of your home. Yoga fanatics can also create a tranquil, serene and spiritual space.
  • When people come to stay giving up a room or getting out a sleeping bag can feel inconvenient. Making the attic into a cosy spare room means guests will always be free to stay with no extra hassle.
  • A lot of people collect something whether it be magazines or sporting memorabilia. The loft is the perfect place to keep it all stored safely without letting it interrupt daily life.