Pro Tips for Styling a Shelf

Many people, especially when having custom furniture fitted, get so involved in the creation of the furniture itself that they feel a bit lost when it comes to what to do next. Now you have the shelving of your dreams, how do you create a special display which will do it justice? Unless you’re an [...]

How to Design a Nursery

It’s such an exciting time when you’re expecting and there’s so much to think about, from eating the right foods to attending antenatal classes. Maybe you don’t want to plan the nursery until you know if it’s a girl or a boy – or perhaps you’d prefer a gender neutral nursery. The interior design experts [...]

The Home Library VS the Kindle

It’s a modern day conundrum which all book lovers face – the choice between traditional physical books, made out of real paper, and e-books, which are stored on the cloud and read on an e-reader. There are many arguments for both types of book collecting, but many people refuse to let go of their beloved [...]

8 Dreamy Home Libraries that Will Make you Swoon

The advent of the Kindle threatened to kill the original paper novel, but book worms are still opting to read their beloved books even in our lightning fast digital age! We’re here to showcase eight heavenly home libraries from around the world to inspire your very own collection of treasured volumes.  Libraries are not [...]

5 Ways to Make the Most of Unused Loft Space

Whether you call it the loft or the attic, most households have one and yet have no idea how to make the most of it. The loft simply sits as a space where old clutter and unwanted items are stored. Take a look at our ideas for maximising the use of such a space [...]

Quick and convenient ways to utilise space

So you’ve just invested in an innovative new home carpentry makeover and are wondering what to do with all your newfound space? Rather than gradually fill it up with mismatched household bits and pieces, why not put it to good use with some of these fantastic ideas? Store new items Have you always wanted [...]

The first bespoke fitted bookcase I ever built.

In 2003, the year I started Empatika (Formerly Custom Carpentry), actually I inherited the name from a carpenter who had been using the name for years before, his widowed wife said I could use the name and she would send me his enquiries, a bit of a sad start I know… Anyway, I actually started off [...]

What is bespoke furniture?

This is a question that over 20 thousand people ask Google every month, so I thought I would give you my answer to "what is bespoke furniture" Bespoke furniture is simply furniture that has been made to measure according to what you want to use it for and how you want it to look. [...]

Bespoke shelving Unique Random Design

You can break up the uniform lines of bespoke shelving with random sized shelves spaced at different heights and/or with different widths. When I say random I don't mean that they just end up like that by chance! They are carefully designed to look random, but in a balanced kind of way, great visual skill is required to [...]