8 Dreamy Home Libraries that Will Make you Swoon

The advent of the Kindle threatened to kill the original paper novel, but book worms are still opting to read their beloved books even in our lightning fast digital age! We’re here to showcase eight heavenly home libraries from around the world to inspire your very own collection of treasured volumes.  Libraries are not just about stories, it’s all about the style too.

Image via:http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_VeGi-XrsuB8/TUcxPqpwRCI/AAAAAAAAFLs/ezXeax_zhMc/s1600/Library9.jpg

Startlingly decadent, the depth and darkness of this room adds a rich, luxurious allure thanks to the earthy brown and extravagant red tones. We would whittle away many an afternoon in this luxurious home library which belongs in a manor!

Image via: http://www.beautiful-libraries.com/library%20photos/home%20libraries%20larger/2037.jpg

This cosy library look is complete with reading chairs, fancy artwork on the walls and a warming fire. We love the warmth and comfort of this room. It simply looks like a space that you want to spend time in. Even non-readers would be converted!

Image via: http://www.beautiful-libraries.com/library%20photos/home%20libraries%20larger/2111.jpg

If our other offerings were a little too dark and dusky, this room sings, ‘let there be light!’

Wonderfully whitewashed, this room evokes a great use of colour, rendering it a perfectly open space with plenty of natural light for poring over your favourite reading materials.  This shabby chic contemporary look is a favourite at Empatika, and we are experts at creating custom shelving for a library such as this.

Image via: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-UOnY1TubkVc/T4qHrXllK7I/AAAAAAAAABo/7JesBjk1NW8/s1600/large+home+library+room.jpg

This room strikes just the right balance between quirkiness and opulence. There’s even a grand piano! The unusual diagonal lines make the wall of books quirky and different from anything else like it. Dare to be different with a design such as this!

Image via: http://nurpages.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/library.jpg

If you are a very avid reader, one floor just might not be enough! This home dedicates too floors to the vast array of reading material they’ve accumulated. The slick, polished finish looks utterly professional, and this traditional library is the perfect way to lose oneself in fiction.

Image via:http://www.distroarchitecture.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Nice-Luxury-Beautiful-Home-Library.jpg

If other looks are a little too luxurious and you want to create a more homely feel, then this striking little number will tick all the boxes. As a communal room, all of the family could read together or cosy up around the fire and tell stories of their own.

Image via:http://cdn.home-designing.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/home-library-2.jpg

This is a refreshing look we truly love with a penchant for colour thrown in for good mixture. A variety of bright shades ensures nobody dozes off while reading a novel.

Image via:http://www.designarcade.in/interior-design-ideas/images/beautiful-home-library-designs-zigzag-bookrack.jpg

The zigzag structure lends this room an ultra modern update on a classic look, with a contemporary finish that really draws in the eye. Practical, fully functional and aesthetically pleasing, this look almost looks like an artistic backdrop rather than a library!

We hope we’ve inspired you to ditch the kindle and the tablet to create your very own impressive home library.