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The Advantages of a Bespoke Audio Visual Unit

There is a huge amount of home entertainment technology available to us, to cover every hobby and interest. Whether you are a movie, a music or a gaming fanatic, the chances are that you have an exciting amount of add ons and electrical accessories to help indulge in your recreational interests. Storing these audio visual [...]

How to Design a Nursery

It’s such an exciting time when you’re expecting and there’s so much to think about, from eating the right foods to attending antenatal classes. Maybe you don’t want to plan the nursery until you know if it’s a girl or a boy – or perhaps you’d prefer a gender neutral nursery. The interior design experts [...]

Storage Inspiration: Tiny Home Offices

Many homes now require a home office – whether it’s used as a working office or a study room, or simply somewhere to store the printer and check emails. However not all homes are blessed with the extra space needed to create a home office room. However, with a bit of creativity and expert fitted [...]

Interior Design Trends Which Never Go Out of Style

If you follow trends in anything, whether it’s fashion, technology or interior design, you’ll understand the general consensus – that you have to replace your belongings quite often to keep up. Following design trends can be exciting and it’s always good to be ahead of the crowd; the first to buy the latest contemporary furniture [...]

Biggest Mistakes When Buying Built-In Furniture: Number 7

We are now at the final mistake in our series, and it is arguably the most important to avoid. As fitted furniture specialists, the team at Empatika are all too familiar with homeowners and families who have made choices they’ve come to regret. That’s why we decided to help people who are thinking about buying [...]

Biggest Mistakes When Buying Built-In Furniture: Number 6

Buying bespoke furniture is a huge investment – which is why you need to consider your options carefully when choosing a furniture company. Many homeowners make big mistakes – we’ve seen it first-hand – which is why we’ve published this series to help people make the right choice. The Biggest Mistakes Series can be [...]

Top Smart Storage Solutions to De-Stress Your Home

Mess can affect a person’s wellbeing; it can make then ‘go crazy’ amongst other things. Individuals like their mess to be tidied away – out of sight, out of mind and most home owners want storage cupboards for everything from the recycling to the hoover, but many homes weren’t built that away. However, anything [...]

How to Create a Perfect Home Cinema

If you have a spare bedroom at home which you’re looking to find a use for, a personal home cinema could be an incredible addition. Whether it’s a bachelor pad, family home or a house share, film lovers can impress guests by creating an impressive sanctuary worthy of the planet’s biggest blockbusters. A home [...]

Biggest Mistakes when Buying Built in Furniture: Number 2

Welcome to the second blog in our biggest mistake series – we’re helping you find the perfect fitted furniture first time around. Over the many years working in the industry, we’ve noticed that lots of people make mistakes when it comes to commissioning built in furniture, so we’ve decided to share them with the [...]

What’s so Good about White Furniture?

Furniture trends come and go – dark, polished wood used to be all the rage a decade or longer ago, and it still gives a traditional feel today. As interiors became more modern and contemporary, lighter woods were incorporated to give an airier feel to a room. Pine was very popular for fitted furniture [...]