Interior Decorating Tips To Boost the Value of Your Home

Home is where the heart is as well as our sanctuary; the place we can retreat to and relax. But a home is also an investment. Maximising the resale value of any property is easily achievable by implementing a few manageable steps. Here’s a few ideas for boosting the value of your home, and making it a nicer place to live at the same time:

Investing in Custom Built Fitted Furniture

Savvy homeowners can immediately optimise the future success of their home by investing in custom built fitted furniture staples including bookcases, tailor made home offices, wardrobes and media units. Such staples stand out as they deviate from homogenised norms; people are used to seeing cookie cutter replicas but enduring, unique pieces have longevity and make a striking impact on the eye. Such items help a home build character and create an individual selling point that many homes lack.

Create Space

Cluttered homes feel stressful and claustrophobic. Homeowners crave space and in particular a sense of flow and openness. Many homeowners nowadays can afford to be choosy and spacious homes are always top of the list. Avoid letting your home get to the stage where it is teaming with paraphernalia; utilise light and the natural shape and size of your home. Take away unnecessary units and islands if they don’t add to the room’s appeal.

Get Your Garden in Gear

For the green fingered, a garden is a real selling point. Although some may enjoy the challenge of an overgrown wilderness, most prefer a garden that is maintained. A jungle of a garden can distort one of the home’s most viable selling points: the view! If you can’t maintain a lawn, there are plenty of other options which can make the outside space look more appealing than an overgrown mess.

Invest in Lighting

Appropriate lighting can completely revolutionise the home. Opting for flattering lighting, whether you choose motion detectors or dimmer switches will win your home fast fans and show it in its best light. (Literally!)

Maintain Your Home

It’s easy to let damage build up but you can avoid huge financial costs if you maintain your home as you go. Ahead of upgrades and installations, make sure that all of the essentials are in check; insulate your attic, ensure that there are no leaks or damp patches.

Go Green

The eco-friendly home is the home of the future and a lot of big spenders are heavily invested in the idea. Making the jump now is a great way to future proof your home.

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