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Why Use Natural Materials?

At Empatika we believe in using natural materials in the home, and are thorough in ensuring our operations are as sustainable as possible in bringing this vision to life. Many unnatural materials and treatments that are often used in homewares and furnishings can contain harmful pollutants, which you are unwillingly exposed to every day. We [...]

Wood Recycling Made Easy

Did you know there is a nationwide scheme set up to help people recycle and reclaim wood? Here at Empatika we’re all for recycling and re-using, so we thought we’d share his useful information with you. The National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP) is an initiative which was set up back in 2003, with [...]

Chemicals in Your Home: The Truth

Like most people, you probably haven’t given a second thought to the amount of unnatural materials and chemicals in your home. From furnishings such as carpets and mattresses to plastic children’s toys, you’ll be shocked to find out that almost everything in your home could be giving off harmful gases. It’s a process called [...]

Introducing You to EarthBorn

When people come to our website to look at our eco-friendly options, they are almost always intrigued by the section outlining Earthborn paints. We thought we’d take the time to introduce you to our range of eco-friendly paints for the environmentally conscious amongst you in order to outline their advantages and inspire you to [...]

Why Eco-Friendly Is Essential

For some, the eco-friendly wave is a thoughtful trend. In today’s world, we need to transform the short-term trendiness into endurance. The ramifications of rampant manufacturing and consumerism have in unison caused some dramatic disturbances to our environment. Here, we outline some of the consequences of such thoughtless practice as a sombre reminder that [...]

Eco-Friendly Hobbit House Reveals Charm Of Personalised Approach

An eco-friendly, personalised approach to homes is becoming a huge draw for many and one of the latest examples of the emergence of such appealing popularity is one man’s construction of his very own hobbit home. Made famous by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and enduring favourite The Hobbit, popularised by New Zealand director [...]

What Is The Sustainable Building Association?

The Sustainable Building Association is an innovative collaboration comprised of a network of organisations and companies committed to promoting sustainable building. The incentive focuses on enabling big business and the natural environment to flourish in unison, believing neither should be to the detriment of the other. Unifying architects, builders, housing associations, manufacturers, designers and [...]

Want to know where we get our wood? A look into our sustainable Irish forest

With the world’s rainforests subject to the ever increasing threat of permanent destruction, it is crucial for contemporary consumers to make responsible choices when it comes to buying wooden products such as furniture and building materials. As an eco-friendly company, Empatika is dedicated to using environmentally sustainable materials and sources all its wood from [...]

Our Favourite Eco Designers

Everyone here at Empatika, especially Tristan our Founder, has a passion for eco design. We believe it’s the future, and hopefully interior designers and furniture makers across the world will soon be designing spaces and fixtures where the environment comes first. Using sustainable materials is integral to the concept of eco design. The environmental impact [...]