Why Eco-Friendly Is Essential

For some, the eco-friendly wave is a thoughtful trend. In today’s world, we need to transform the short-term trendiness into endurance. The ramifications of rampant manufacturing and consumerism have in unison caused some dramatic disturbances to our environment.

Here, we outline some of the consequences of such thoughtless practice as a sombre reminder that eco-friendly business needs to be the future, not just a passing fashion blip. There is no time like the present so if you want to make a difference to the future of the planet, buy eco-friendly and you’ll be preventing the gauntlet of atrocities below.

Animal Extinction

As a consequence of the dynamics of modern business and consumerism, experts have predicted that by 2050, one half of all plant and animal species may be extinct whilst daily, 100 animal species die due to the repercussions of deforestation. Anti-carcinogenic plants are located within the world’s rainforests but unfortunately, their frequent felling may obliterate such cures before we are able to utilise them. The issue of animal engenderment and extinction has been raging for decades now but remains a prevalent and disturbing issue. Experts from WWF have revealed that planet Earth has lost 50% of its animal species within the past 40 years alone. Unless we act quickly, such devastation will only continue, exterminating endless plant and animal species and skewing our environmental development.


The world’s rainforests once covered 14% of the earth’s surface. Now they account for a mere 6% and experts believe that the remaining rainforests may be decimated within as short a time period as 40 years. The world’s rainforests house endless species of birds, insects and mammals as well as plants, herbs and medicines. Deforestation not only affects animals and plant life but also the native populations that reside there or utilise the forests for their own remedies and way of life. The irresponsible felling of such forests is destroying the wealth of knowledge contained within.


The truth is, the consequence of not being eco-friendly is widespread pollution. Landfills are not only unsightly but they are a short sighted way to eradicate waste. It is essential that we learn to recycle and re-use unless we want a world littered with landfills as our only conceivable way to manage mammoth waste. Such pollution naturally has consequences for our health being linked to everything from cancer to migraines.

Local Communities

Making eco-friendly choices supports local people, environments and communities. It is simply more humane and environmentally conscious to make green choices. When your purchase adds to the assistance of the environment, for example, businesses that plant a tree for every purchase, rather than the destruction of the environment, then you are directly contributing to the planet’s well-being.

Making eco-friendly choices is not difficult. It is a highly rewarding and essential practise that benefits us all and we hope to establish eco-friendly businesses as the way of the future.