Danish Student Tries Hand At Eco-Friendly Architecture

By now, we all know that the world is crying out for eco-friendly designs. Fortunately, such concepts may now be the thing of the future. Danish student Konrad Wójcik has been working on various concepts, developing gorgeously designed, fully functional ideas for homes that will leave no environmental footprint. We can already hear the earth weeping tears of celebration! The innovative, highly inspirational student has monitored wildlife and the living patterns and natural habitats of various animals within the wilderness, taking note and studying the manner in which animals live in trees.

Konrad explains, “Studying nature allowed me to come up with ideas and solutions to create a completely self-sufficient construction.”

Referred to as ‘Primeval Symbiosis’ which translates to the easier to comprehend ‘single pole house’, the architectural design instigated by student and interior designer Konrad serves as an organically installed living space that can be erected within forests without disturbing natural wildlife and beauty. The striking structure was detailed by an intricate presentation revealing the advantageous merits of such a design plan. Each property is constructed to house between two to four people making it the ideal residence for couples and small families.

Inspired by the functionality and stable structure of trees, Konrad proclaims that his love of nature and interior design led him to fuse the two passions to create an entirely self-sufficient construction. Such a creation reminds us that nature naturally provides for its creatures and further emphasises the devastating impact of deforestation not just on animals and plants but also on the possibility of human kind developing a more eco-friendly way of living. The home itself would be powered by energy and heating sourced from the ground and sun making it naturally viable and self-sufficient which would surely reduce his bills!

Konrad hopes that his stunning design will inspire a community of likeminded individuals with plans to develop similar homes in natural areas, preventing the onslaught of deforestation presently plaguing our world and doing as much as possible to leave a zero carbon footprint. For those that do not wish to make such a dramatic change, selecting eco-friendly furniture pieces is an ideal way to reduce the global carbon footprint, create an environmentally aware home and also construct a personalised, tailor made item that reflects the ambiance and character of your home.

Just recently, we mentioned the bespoke eco-friendly Hobbit House design, and now with Konrad Wójcik ‘Primeval Symbiosis’ home it seems that the environmentally conscious house may be a thing of the future. With designs as unique, structurally sound and impressive as these, we wouldn’t be surprised if such ideas become increasingly commonplace.

Image courtesy of http://www.beautifullife.info/urban-design/primeval-symbiosis-project-by-konrad-wojcik/