Brighten up your home with Mother Nature’s favourite accessory

Plants are an integral part of the planet as we know it and without them, the human race would categorically cease to exist. While plants are generally associated with the natural environment, many people don’t realise that they also make fantastic interior accessories. Below are three of our favourite reasons why every living space should be graced with greenery!

Significantly improve the quality of your indoor air

Plants are an essential part of keeping the world’s air clean and CO2 free. But what many homeowners don’t realise is they can also have a drastic effect on the cleanliness and quality of indoor air. One agency that has realised the advantages of indoor plants is NASA. The USA’s globally recognised aeronautics and aerospace research group recently released the NASA Clean Air Study which identified the top indoor plants for removing toxic agents such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzene and VOCs from the air. In everyday homes, these are found in a surprisingly high number of household furnishings including carpets, curtains and furniture. To the naked eye that are invisible but to the human body they can cause all sorts of problems, from headaches and migraines to respiratory problems and skin irritation.

Give your home a fresh new makeover

As well as the health benefits, indoor plants can be a fantastic interior décor tool. Their natural characteristics lend themselves to every interior style, from sleek and modern to elegant and old fashioned.  Depending on your personal preferences you can opt for plants in any shape or size. Accessorize with pots and planters that complement your existing décor to create a seamless look. For homeowners that want to create a unique and eye catching feature creating a green plant wall is a fantastic idea. These look amazing in rooms such as the kitchen, living room and even the bathroom. You can make them as small or as large as you like and house them with everything from herbs and flowers to ferns and evergreens. As well as looking great, you’ll also be adding an eco-friendly and environmentally aware touch to your home.

Enhance your mood

Who would have thought that something as simple as a plant could have the power to influence your mood? Yet according to the latest studies from Kansas State University, plants are a natural stress reliever! Studies confirmed that the presence of plants in hospital rooms greatly increased the overall recovery times of patients who had undergone surgery. Anxiety and fatigue were also significantly reduced, as well as overall sense of wellbeing. With incredible mood boosting benefits such as these, you’d be crazy not to invest in a plant or three for every room in the house!

Have we got you convinced that plants should be an essential part of any household? From purifying the air and boosting your mood to serving as a stylish interior centrepiece, the benefits really are incredible!