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The Advantages of a Bespoke Audio Visual Unit

There is a huge amount of home entertainment technology available to us, to cover every hobby and interest. Whether you are a movie, a music or a gaming fanatic, the chances are that you have an exciting amount of add ons and electrical accessories to help indulge in your recreational interests. Storing these audio visual [...]

Storage Inspiration: Children’s Bedroom Ideas

One of the most difficult rooms to keep tidy and organised in the house is definitely the nursery or your child’s bedroom. And it’s not just thanks to their natural messiness – children often have small rooms or even box rooms, and have a lot of stuff to store in there so it can be [...]

How to Design a Nursery

It’s such an exciting time when you’re expecting and there’s so much to think about, from eating the right foods to attending antenatal classes. Maybe you don’t want to plan the nursery until you know if it’s a girl or a boy – or perhaps you’d prefer a gender neutral nursery. The interior design experts [...]

Storage Inspiration: Tiny Home Offices

Many homes now require a home office – whether it’s used as a working office or a study room, or simply somewhere to store the printer and check emails. However not all homes are blessed with the extra space needed to create a home office room. However, with a bit of creativity and expert fitted [...]

6 Ways to Make Your Nursery Fit for a Royal

Now that Kate Middleton has given birth to her second child, royal baby fever does not seem likely to be stopping anytime soon. Royal enthusiasts and baby-lovers alike have found themselves swept up in the craze and now everyone wants their child to experience the royal lifestyle. Your child may not have any claims to [...]

How to Create a Perfect Home Cinema

If you have a spare bedroom at home which you’re looking to find a use for, a personal home cinema could be an incredible addition. Whether it’s a bachelor pad, family home or a house share, film lovers can impress guests by creating an impressive sanctuary worthy of the planet’s biggest blockbusters. A home [...]

If You Can’t Get Rid Of It – Make a Feature Out Of It!

When most people envision their dream home, they often perceive it as a blank canvas that meets each and every specification. In reality there are many elements of a room that cannot be changed but that fly in the face of the white picket fence ideal. Fortunately, bespoke fitted furniture is a fantastic option, [...]

5 Ways to Make the Most of Unused Loft Space

Whether you call it the loft or the attic, most households have one and yet have no idea how to make the most of it. The loft simply sits as a space where old clutter and unwanted items are stored. Take a look at our ideas for maximising the use of such a space [...]

Quick and convenient ways to utilise space

So you’ve just invested in an innovative new home carpentry makeover and are wondering what to do with all your newfound space? Rather than gradually fill it up with mismatched household bits and pieces, why not put it to good use with some of these fantastic ideas? Store new items Have you always wanted [...]

Simplicity: An Introduction to De-cluttering

Clutter comes in many forms. It's the 80% of our clothes we don't wear, unfinished projects around the house, expensive purchases that didn't work out. It's broken equipment and unwanted gifts. It's more coffee mugs than we use, excessive volumes of books we'll never read again, things we keep just in case. To the [...]