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You can break up the uniform lines of bespoke shelving with random sized shelves spaced at different heights and/or with different widths. When I say random I don’t mean that they just end up like that by chance! They are carefully designed to look random, but in a balanced kind of way, great visual skill is required to make this look really good. I studied photography, and have taken pictures since 1990, because of learning how to compose a perfect image I am able to spot where there is imbalance in the whole bookcase. This also gives a more contemporary look to the shelving and allows for all different types and sizes of books as well as as ornaments, art works, statues, photos or paintings to fit on the same bookcase. Some special items can be highlighted and have their own square or rectangle. Below is are some examples of random and symmetrical random shelving.

Non symmetrical random bespoke shelving.

This bookcase is designed with random shelves, although the spacings are very different, overall they feel comforting to look at.

This bespoke shelving has evenly spaced symmetrical shelves, but has random squares light up to highlight objects and add some randomness to the bookcase.

This bespoke shelving uses 50mm thick shelves and uprights, it also has a back like most bookcases.

These shelves are random, have 38mm thick shelves but don’t have a back, this is more complicated and rare, but there was no other way to do it in this case.

This unit has bespoke shelves that are all the same, but again randomness is introduced with the lighting.

These random shelves are 36mm thick and seamless, they have a back apart from the curved floating shelves at the end on the right.

Bespoke shelves, hand painted white with random squares

Symmetrical random bespoke shelving.

Bespoke shelves made from walnut veneer on a white background with doors below

Bespoke shelves made from oiled walnut veneer with a white painted back

This unit with symmetrical random bespoke shelves is made of walnut veneer and oiled, the back is painted white.

Bespoke shelving unit built from scratch in London, modern style with ornaments and books

Bespoke shelving hand painted white, with random compartments, and deeper cupboard section below

  Bespoke shelving unit with symmetrical but thick random shelves, contemporary style with books and ornaments

This bespoke media/display unit uses irregular shelves but they mirror exactly on each side.

A vase inside a white bespoke shelving unit

With different size shelves you can make spaces to display your favourite items.

Tristan Titeux sitting on sofa with random bespoke shelving unit around him

This is one of my favourite bookcases, it is very shallow, but the record covers still fit and you can change the cover around to suit your mood.

Finally here is a video of some bespoke shelving Empatika have made.

Click here to see more bespoke shelving on our gallery.

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