An old wardrobe into a Milo bedside table.

Here is a case study of what we did with a customers wardrobe that we where taking down to rebuild a new one.

We had previously done some work in Sue’s house in Shepperd’s Bush, in London. She called us back to build a new wardrobe because her chimney stack fell through her roof and ceiling of the bedroom.

Her old wardrobe was broken, and she was relieced that it helped support the ceiling and stopped the bricks falling onto her.

She had an emotional attachement to her wardrobe and when she saw my Milo series of furniture made from waste she asked me if we would build a special bedside Milo table made from her old wardrobe. I was exited at the prospect, because anything to do with reusing I love.

So we cut up her wardrobe, used the blue from her doors on the inside and outside of the table legs as it had a beautiful blue, the rest was layered up and the ouside was varnished with a matt eco varnish made from plant based materials from Nutshell paints.

She was delighted with her bedside Milo table.

Here are the pictures.

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Here is a Milo coffee table made from straw offcuts.

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