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Reasons We Love White Furniture

White furniture is a modern style staple, and Empatika has been embracing the trend for many years. That’s because white furniture isn’t so much of a ‘trend’ as such – it doesn’t go out of fashion suddenly one year. Because it’s clean and simple, the colour white isn’t a passing trend, it is timeless. The [...]

Floating wall bookshelves

If you have loads of books and want to use the space in your stairway then you can build floating bookshelves up the wall without it touching the floor. This gives the illusion of space because you can still see the stairs and the bookshelves are just on the wall. The floating bookshelves are [...]

Fitted Floating Shelves

We do a few different types of floating shelves, so here are some examples below. All our shelves have to be professionally fitted by us, but if you want to fit them yourself, we are happy to explain how to do it. The diagram below helps identify what kind of concealed supports will be needed for your [...]

Testimonial with Catherine for Empatika.

We have worked with Catherine on three seperate occasions making her bespoke fitted furniture. We have made bespoke fitted desks, bookcases, floating shelves, wardrobes and Tv units. Catherine is a delightful customer, luckily like most of our customers. I like to work with people I like, it is important. When we work with a customer it [...]

London Fitted Furniture

Empatika create the most beautiful contemporary fitted furniture in London. We cover most of London and the following job was done in Crystal Palace in South East London in cooperation with an interior designer and the customer. The unit was designed to be clean and not fussy on the eye and to store many items away [...]

Bespoke Cube Shelves.

These colourful bespoke square shelves are made from mdf wood, they are filled and sanded and filled again until no seams are visible and they look like they have grown out of the wall. Even where the cube shelving joins the wall you can't see a seam because we use a different kind of filler that [...]

Bespoke AV Furniture

Here is a wall mounted floating bespoke AV unit that neatly hides all the TV equipment and tons of wires for the surround system, sky box, DVD etc. This bespoke unit is made from wood and hand painted to make it look totally seamless as if it was part of the wall with no [...]