How to get your free quote.

Thank you for your interest in Empatika. It is really easy and straightforward to get your free fitted furniture quote from us.   There are just two things we need;

1. A rough sketch with approximate height and width of the proposed unit.
2. A picture of the area where you would like it to go.

Either draw it by hand on paper and take a picture of it, or use some software you are familiar with.

If you are unable to do this, we also offer a paid design visit. We will visit you at a time that suits you including evenings between 7 and 9pm, talk about how you want to use the space, ask you lots of questions to really understand your needs, take detailed measurements of what you want to store or display, show you our portfolio and spend all the time needed until we have the exact picture in our minds of what you are looking for. We can do this for only £450 plus vat, this will be taken off the final quote when you decide to go ahead. If you would like to see a drawing we can do that for a further £250 plus vat per piece of fitted furniture. You can book here or just email.

What not to do.

Please don’t send one picture per email and send loads of emails, it makes it very hard to pull everything together to give you an accurate quote and is likely to delay you getting a quote.

Examples of suitable drawings and pictures.

The following one is a basic drawing of two different units on opposite walls. It is  a good drawing because it gives us the key external dimensions. If we are talking about standard shelves we don’t need to know the internal layout to give you a quote.   You really don’t need anything more complex than this. This is much simpler for you because you don’t need to worry about what will go inside. We will discuss that when we meet.

Below is another example of two good drawings because they have the external dimensions again. The top drawing is a storage cupboard in a play room and the second an open bookcase around a door.

If you fancy getting more creative you can make something like the drawing below. The length of the unit and height of the ceiling are missing here though.

The next drawing is very clear, has the width and the height so that’s perfect, plus quite detailed insides which helps give a more accurate quote.

The next photo accompanies the picture just above and is perfect because you can see the adjacent walls, the floor and ceiling and there isn’t too much in the way so we can clearly see the space, any sockets and complications that will affect the quote.

The next drawing is all we need but make sure you hold the camera/phone still when taking a picture or it will blur also make sure the picture size is large otherwise it will be too small and hard to read.

This picture accompanies the drawing just above,  if you can’t get all the walls, floor and ceiling in then another pictures is needed of the space to the left of this shot for example.

Optional additional material.

If you have a floor plan of the area you can send that too, but we can’t quote based on a plan alone, we need the info above.

If you don’t really know what you want but see a style of something you like on the internet or on our site, just post a link to the pictures such as this link:

If you have seen something in a magazine or book that you like such as the picture below, feel free to send that too.

Email us the drawing and pictures.

The final step is to photograph or scan your sketch and send it to for your free quote.

If you just want to get an idea of prices you can visit our price example page, but note that these are basic minimal prices just to give you an idea.

If you have any questions, please call the freephone on 0800 458 9158 or 07770 431 551 or email us at