Welcome to the Empatika Newsletter: It’s time to get excited – Summer is on its way!

Welcome to our newsletter, full of exciting news from Empatika and the founder himself, Tristan Titeux. This month we’re dusting of our barbeque as the clocks have moved forward, welcoming in the season of sun filled fun!

  • Spring Clean and Sort Out Your Storage

As well as barbeques and planning trips away, these coming months are also a time when many households across the nation embark upon a mass spring clean! At Empatika HQ, we too have been reaching for the rubber gloves, mop, bucket and bleach on a quest for a mid-season clean up.

A house that smells fresh however is no good when still covered in clutter, with no other room in the house being home to as much mess as a children’s bedroom. There is no need to do anything drastic, such as throwing out your sons or daughters favourite toys however, when you could invest in a quality storage solution instead. We love a challenge, and this is something we face on a regular basis when creating custom carpentry solutions for our customers. We used our experience and expertise to put together some storage inspiration ideas for mums and dads looking to keep their houses streamlined this summer.

  • Empatika’s Recent Work: Low Level Media Unit

Our recent work has took us to Barnet, to help a client tidy up their TV and Library room, creating them an airy space that is free from clutter, to really relax in. To solve the problem, we created a customised media unit that accommodated the books and electrical items that were stored in the room.

The media unit was designed to hide the wires coming from the television and speaker set up, providing an attractive sideboard appearance with plenty of room for other storage and to display items on. To keep it looking great for longer, we sprayed the unit for durability.

On the opposite wall, a bookcase was custom built and fitted around the shape of the sofa, so that the books were easy to access. We placed the shelves in random places, rather than symmetrically to achieve a striking design that our customer was delighted with!

If you want to clear up space in your entertainment room, our team of specialist staff can work with you to design a solution that is incredibly practical whilst creating a unique look for the space for you to be proud of.

Have you been keeping up to date with the blog lately? Have a read our tips for how to make the most of awkward spaces, as well as loads of interior décor inspo.

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