The Advantages of a Bespoke Audio Visual Unit

There is a huge amount of home entertainment technology available to us, to cover every hobby and interest. Whether you are a movie, a music or a gaming fanatic, the chances are that you have an exciting amount of add ons and electrical accessories to help indulge in your recreational interests. Storing these audio visual accessories can be tricky however, and often results in unsightly (and unsafe) wires tangling their way around a room, or items being stored in boxes which is impractical. A bespoke audio visual unit could help turn any room into the ultimate media hub, housing your electricals safely, and displaying them beautifully for easy access whenever you need. Rather than searching for an ‘off the shelf’ unit, here we list the advantages of investing in a bespoke audio visual storage solution.

No more clutter

Electrical entertainment items can result in a accumulation of wires and cables, which look messy, are unsafe and are easily tangled. Once a media set up has been decided, holes can be drilled wherever needed to thread cables through and provide a streamlined solution. The common problem of tangled electrical wires can be tackled with a bespoke media unit. A false back can also be attached to the unit with strong magnets to cover up the wires internally, removing them completely.


Changes with you

Things change over time, and so can your tastes. Even if you decide to move a component of your media set up, or add new accessories to your collection, the shelves can be totally removable to adjust the wires as you need, whilst still keeping a neat display. A bespoke furniture in UK is a media system can be as flexible as you are, proving to be a worthy investment.


Compliment your style preferences

Purchasing a ready made, shop bought media unit means that you are limited to the style preferences of another company. These designs are often very basic and it can be hard to find one that fits in to your desired look for a room. Whether your tastes favour the perfect lines of symmetry, a more random, asymmetric look or if a simplistic minimal display is what you desire, a bespoke media unit can be produced after a full consultation, meaning it will be perfect for you.


Provides a centre piece

A custom made audio visual unit can be designed however you require, to fit the shape and style of any room. Fireplaces and other existing features can be incorporated into a fully considered centre piece, creating a stylish and streamlined look. Bespoke furniture in UK  and Lights can also be fitted under the shelves, or pointing towards the ceiling. Not only is this a practical feature, but the bright lights of any disco or theatre can be transported right into your own home!


Suitable for any hobby

With a bespoke audio visual unit, there are no limits to what you can store in your media room. At EMPATIKA take time to get to know each customer to make sure we create them their perfect storage solution. If you are a couple, with one half being mad about movies, whilst the other likes to game with their friends, the cabinet can be made with drawers to store away DVDS and special shelves for the games console, meaning each party has their needs catered for. TV projectors can be accommodated to create a home cinema, or a personalised DJ space can be made with room for turntables, shelves for records and a pull out shelf for the mixer. Whatever can be imagined can be turned into an expertly designed audio-visual system.