Bespoke AV Furniture

Here is a wall mounted floating bespoke AV unit that neatly hides all the TV equipment and tons of wires for the surround system, sky box, DVD etc.

This bespoke unit is made from wood and hand painted to make it look totally seamless as if it was part of the wall with no visible gaps.

The three open compartments help with easy access to the equipment, it also allows the infra-red signal to get through. Visually the off centre design adds dynamism  the same thing applies with the off centre floating shelves that create a visual balance to compensate for the TV taking up so much of the space on the left.

All the wires where concealed in the wall by a specialist AV company that we worked with seamlessly. We supplied separate technical drawings to the company so they knew exactly where to place sockets and wire access, removable panels to hide wires etc.

The doors have top routed handles too help the minimal design. Door hinges are concealed and have soft closers so you can slam the doors and they shut gently without slamming.

The unit is off the ground which is nice because it give the impression of space which is what happens when you can see more floor under a unit. So if you have a small space it is a good thing to do. This room happened to be huge, but they liked the effect anyway which they requested in the first place.

The floating shelves on the right are painted with a different colour, all waterbased with no poisonous fumes, and again look like the have grown out of the wall, there are no visible ugly brackets to ruin your minimal home.

These concealed door hinges are fitted with slow closers.

Here is a removable back panel that is fitted on magnets so that when you open the cupboard you don’t see the unsightly wires.

The floating shelves here are nearly 4cm thick, the are attached using invisible brackets and look very minimal.

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