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Bespoke Media Units

The stylish way to organise your home

Bespoke media units are the perfect way to bring a sense of style and harmony to your living space. Modern, effortless living doesn’t get any better than with a bespoke furniture solution by Empatika. We love to create stylish features for stylish homes.

Shop-bought media units are all too often woefully inadequte. Many are poorly designed and stick out in the living space like a sore thumb, with ugly wires protruding everywhere. Our bespoke media units blend effortlessly into your home. Whether tucked into an alcove or spread across your whole living room wall, we’ll help you realise a media unit that has been sensitively designed to meet all of your media needs.

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Built-in media units with little extras to make you smile

The beauty of bespoke designs is in taking your furniture to the next level. Everything we make is to an exceptional standard, and we make sure everything you want from your media unit is built into the design.

  • We only use high-quality materials and we are passionate about sustainability. Your bespoke media unit needs to last, and wood is the perfect durable material. We use responsibly-sourced wood to ensure we have a significantly lower carbon footprint than our competitors.
  • We can incorporate sufficient lighting solutions to make your media unit work perfectly for you day and night.
  • We will design your media unit to suit your home and your lifestyle. If you have a large TV, or a huge record collection, we will make sure everything has a perfectly designed place to go.
  • Our designs make sure every wire is tucked away out of view.

Made to measure media units: standard isn’t a word we use

Everything we make is different to the last. Why? Because we listen to our clients and give them everything they want from the piece of furniture we are designing. Our individually-designed media units are made with high-quality materials and to the exact specifications you require.

We don’t have a standard design. During the design consultation we listen to you first. Everything we design and build starts with you. If you are looking for a furniture designer who can listen to your needs, and design and build the furniture of your dreams, Empatika is the bespoke furniture maker you are looking for.

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Fitted media units so everything has a place

The beauty of bespoke furnishings is to make a perfect space for everything you own. With shop-bought solutions there will always be something that doesn’t quite fit in. Here are some of the brilliant advantages you’ll get with a bespoke media unit from Empatika:

  • No more unsightly wires – we’ll make holes inside the units at exactly the right points to make connection to your plug socket easy.
  • We’ll incorporate removable shelves so you can easily get to the back and access sockets if you need to.
  • We can leave space behind the shelves so you can pass wires up and down easily.
  • We can even put in a false back, held in place by strong magnets, so you don’t see any wires at all when you open doors to your unit.
  • We can incorporate lights under open shelves or pointing towards the ceiling from the top.
  • You can have specially designed spaces for CDs, DVDs and records collections, and you can even have mesh doors to allow the remote control signal through.

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Media Units for busy modern lifestyles

Efficient living is essential in today’s busy modern world. When we come home from work we want a home where living is easy. When everything is ordered and perfectly placed we can relax and wind down at the end of every day.

Finding your CDs to listen to your favourite tunes, playing your favourite vinyl, or watching your favourite film is easy when you know where everything is. Our media units are designed with your belongings in mind. Why not make living easier with a bespoke media solution from Empatika?