Bespoke Cube Shelves.

These colourful bespoke square shelves are made from mdf wood, they are filled and sanded and filled again until no seams are visible and they look like they have grown out of the wall. Even where the cube shelving joins the wall you can’t see a seam because we use a different kind of filler that is flexible and this finishes off the seamless look.

Making bespoke wall cube shelves look seamless like this takes much longer than just shelves where you can see the seams and you can only paint them after you have installed them if you want them to look seamless like this which I hope you agree is well worth the effort.

These cube bookshelves where painted a different colour inside to add interest. The customer chose the colours. I was responsible for the size and placement on the wall, because I have a background in photography, I understand balance and I can place a random set of objects of different sizes in a way that looks totally balanced.

This is not something anyone can do and is an important skill to have when designing fitted furniture to ensure you get balanced looking furniture. At Empatika we understand that one of the parts that is often missing when you commission a carpenter to make some fitted furniture are proper plans, we spend a great deal of time in making sure we know what you want and we put that onto scale drawings on computer, in 3D so you can see exactly what you will get to the exact millimetre, here are some examples of drawings you might get.

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