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Eco Furniture

: Stylish and Reliable Designs only at Empatika

“The earth has music for those who listen,” says George Santayana. Become part of that group of people who listen by turning your home into an eco-friendly sanctuary with the help of Empatika UK.


Eco Friendly Furniture

: Reasons Why You Should Choose the Eco Way

Using eco-friendly furniture in your home has many benefits. These wonderful pieces of furniture not only look great on your new home, they also offer many advantages. Here are some of them:

  • It is better for your health – Furniture made with toxic substances can put your health at risk. On the contrary, using environment friendly materials for the construction of your furniture will make your place a healthier space to live in.
  • No harmful manufacturing processes are involved – The sustainable materials used do not undergo harmful manufacturing processes that can affect your health.
  • Saves money – Eco-friendly materials are more affordable than other materials. In many cases solar energy is used, which makes them cheaper and more cost efficient.
  • You become part of an important cause – By using sustainable materials in your home you become an acting part on the change required in order to save the environment.
  • By using eco-friendly furniture you are not only decorating your dream home, you are also building a legacy and a better world for the next generation.

Eco Wood Furniture

: Useful Tips for Sustainability

Creating furniture with high quality sustainable materials can be hard work. There are many factors to be considered, from the designing of the furniture to the type of materials to be used on its construction. Here are some useful tips that will help you make the right decisions when buying your furniture.

  • Every product, whether it’s a piece of wood or cloth, has a green version. If you think that making furniture with great wood is not good for the environment, then think again because you may be wrong. There are ways in which you can get sustainable wood. Choose a furniture manufacturer that passes the standards of Forest #tewardship Council (F#C), an association that helps in providing people sustainable wood.
  • You can always opt for reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood comes from different sources such as old furniture, flooring, wood pallets, old barns, abandoned warehouses or factories. Just ask your designer for tips and advice on how to make your reclaimed wood look good again.
  • Durability is one of the great advantages of sustainable wood. Make sure that your chosen material is durable. Again, asking for advice from sustainable designers and experts will give you an idea on which type of wood to use.
  • Go local. This does not only save money, but it also saves energy that’s usually involved in transporting materials.

For all eco-friendly furniture, choose Empatika and their quality bespoke sustainable furniture.

Eco Design Furniture

: Quality Sustainable Designs at Empatika

Choose Empatika, the leading provider of quality fitted furniture in the United Kingdom, for your next big home adventure. Empatika has an “Eco Option’ where we discuss different sustainable options for your home:

  • Paint – Empatika uses quality DULUX and Farrow and Ball water based paint, which is not made with toxic solvents and oil. It is odourless and better for the whole family.
  • Wood – Our high quality wood is made from Medite MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard).
  • Other materials – Empatika only uses recycled plastics, glass, and straw in your furniture.
  • Tree planting – Empatika also has a Tree Planting program that involves planting a tree for every customer who chooses our Eco Option.

Home is not only the four walls that you share with your family. Home is also the Earth, the planet that you share with the whole community. Together, let’s create a sustainable and better home for the new generation by choosing the best eco option. Choose Empatika!

Choose the better option. Email us for a free quote and let us customise the perfect furniture for your loved ones!



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