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Blending beautiful furniture with efficient working processes

Working from home isn’t always that easy. Home distractions and a poorly defined work space can lead to great inefficiencies and frustrations. Blurring the line between home-life and work is, in most cases, a recipe for disaster.

At Empatika, we understand the need for a well-designed fitted home office space within the home. We design workspaces to keep your work away from daily living, and give you the organised space you need to work happily and efficiently at home. If you know it’s time you tackled the issue of making working at home a breeze, why not choose a bespoke home office solution with Empatika?

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Built-in office furniture:
a unique working space to suit the way you work

Every fitted home office project we work on is unique. No home, space, or individual’s working practice is the same. That’s why we approach every new design with an open mind. With Empatika you can be sure you’ll get a custom-made home office to suit the way you work and give a tidy space for all of your office equipment, office paraphernalia and personal belongings.

  • We are passionate about sustainability, and we only use high-quality materials. We are proud to use responsibly-sourced wood, ensuring we have a significantly lower carbon footprint than our competitors.
  • Our innovative, integrated lighting solutions will bring your home office to life day and night, without an ugly wire in sight.
  • We work with you to design office furniture that caters to your every need. Pull-out printer shelves, hideaway keyboard platforms and purpose made cable trays are just a few of the features we can add to make your home office space a calm and tidy one.
  • We’ll work with you to understand all of your office storage needs. With an Empatika bespoke office, you’ll have uniquely designed drawers, shelves or cupboards to keep everything work-related perfectly organised.

Made to measure home office furniture solutions for a stylish home

All too often stylish homes are let down by untidy and unappealing home office spaces. Whether it’s a spare room turned into an office, or a corner of your living space dedicated to your work, it’s easy to turn a blind eye to your working from home space when it comes to style. Our unique approach to home office furniture solutions put style and substance on the same page.

We use the design consultation to carefully review how you work and incorporate all of your working and filing needs into the design. We are experts in designing home office solutions, so we will share with you all of our knowledge and expertise to make sure you get a home office you can enjoy working in every day. No space will be wasted with an Empatika home office solution, so you’ll have an office with everything you need at your fingertips.

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Home office solutions by Empatika: unique designs built by master craftsmen

We understand that a bespoke home office furniture solution may be more expensive than a shop-bought desk and filing cabinets. But when your working day is disrupted by disorganised paperwork and badly positioned office equipment, you are compromising on efficiency and ultimately income.

Bespoke office furniture is certainly an investment worth making. We’ll do everything we can to keep your costs down, but in case you need convincing, here are a few reasons why a bespoke office solution is right for you.

  • Fitted home office furniture makes working at home a pleasure.
  • Every inch of space is cleverly used to create enough storage for your work files and equipment.
  • A bespoke desk space fits beautifully into your home and ticks all of the ergonomic boxes.
  • A bespoke office furniture solution keeps your work files in perfect order, your equipment wires cleverly hidden, and offers optimum lighting to help you stay creative for longer.
  • Every piece of furniture we build is made to last. There’ll be no more hunting for office furniture to fit into awkward spaces.

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Custom-made home office furniture by Empatika for efficient living

All of our bespoke furniture creations are tailored to fit beautifully into the home. From full-time dedicated home offices to casual study rooms serving as a place to store all of the household paperwork, Empatika furniture will suit your needs, your lifestyle and your home perfectly. We know how to combine style, functionality and comfort so you can work at home efficiently and effortlessly.

We are experts at cleverly using space to maximise storage without compromising on your desire for a light, airy and comfortable home office to work in. If you are using part of your living space to work, speak with us to discover a better home office solution. We are experts at discovering previously unused areas and transforming them into workable spaces. We turn homes into stylish places to live, work, eat and sleep.

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